Monday, October 1, 2007

Let's Play 163: Second/Third Inning

We might as well include the audience in this baseball orgy (what I call a "borgy").

Rustoleum: They need to get to Peavy early.

Old No. 7: Check. I don't see Peavy as one of those pitchers that gets into an unhittable groove, however, like Johan Santana or old-school Bartolo Colon. He simply throws his excellent cheese and you have to find a pitch to hit.

Bankmeister: (Written during Holliday's at-bat) MVP? For reals?

7: Someone has not been watching their National League baseball. Holliday, in addition to leading the NL in batting and a bunch of other categories we'll get into as the night goes on, has absolutely carried this club all year. He's a clutch as they come and an offensive monster. The only other guy you could seriously argue would be Jimmy Rollins, who's had an amazing season.

Rustoleum If we score two, it's over.

7: That's a little strong, but I'm feeling good right now.

Game Update: Yorvit Torrealba jacked a homer to left, and Colorado is up 3-0.

Game Update: Fogg is in a pickle, having loaded the bases with nobody out. He is facing the Padres though, so he may get out of it.