Monday, October 1, 2007

Let's Play 163: No runs, no drips, no...ah, fuck you, Johnny Bench

The best player at his position this year bobbles an admittedly tough play, but one he could have made. (That would be Tulowitzki at short, by the by.)

LaTroy up in the count with one out. Strikeout! He's our LaBoy. Hell of a throw. Two gone in the 7th, Gonzalez at first like some douche.

Josh Bard...didn't he go to Cherry Creek? I think he did. Fuck Josh Bard in his Creekhole. Josh Creeker grounds out and it's time for the home team to bat. What else could we have expected of this game, given the Rockies' recent history? I wish Jay Cutler ate glass like Troy T. surely does.And here is the lovemesomedwaynebowe rest of it.


rustoleum said...

Why would they bring Peavy out for one more? Hasn't he given up enough runs yet?

rustoleum said...

They should have let Peavy load up the bases before they pulled him.