Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Scoutin' Those Chiefs: Week 2's 20-10 Loss @ Chicago

I'm gonna keep this evaluation real simple. Week two's trip to Chicago had some highs and some lows. In a nutshell, the offense got going more so than they did in week one. (Editor's Note: This is extremely not hard to do considering all the Chiefs mustered in Houston was one lousy stinking field goal.). Furthermore, the defense looked like they are in fact -- KC media instigated then publicized this idea all week -- on the way to becoming a defense that will one day be as good as the Bears'. Well, at least as good as the Bears' D was last year. Third, the special teams played hit and miss football. Ultimately, this team was in the game late in the fourth quarter (Note: Some players said that Herm made that their game plan. Hey, Herm -- how 'bout winning? You know? Playing to wi- Nevermind.) and had numerous chances to match, if not surpass, the total number of points the defending NFC champs put on the board. And they didn't. Here's my estimation as to why.

The O

Damon Huard

While I still have faith in Huard, he looked real ginger out there on Sunday. No, I don't mean like a red-headed kid smattered with freckles. I mean as in on the verge of sustaining a variety of injuries. He still looked poised in the pocket and had a decent day of throwing, but for the first time, I wondered how long he should be the guy in charge.

Larry Johnson

Holdout hangover time is over. Sixteen carries? For fear of flipping out, I'll say no more on this. Update: Yes I will. Just give the man the damn ball.

Eddie Kennison

While Ed nurses his hammy, Dwayne Bowe, Jeff Webb and Samie Parker need to find their respective identities as a corps and fast.


The left side of this O-line is protecting the seemingly nimble Huard. The right side is not. They must step up immediately before KC fans start wishing we had Jordan Black to plug in over there.

The D

These guys did an above-resectable job on Sunday. My only criticism would be that they need to keep a non-superstar runner like Cedric Benson under the century mark.

Special Teams

So far Eddie Drummond outright sucks. I see why the Lions cut him. Ray Farmer -- get on the horn and get Justin Phinisee back in here. Or someone. On the other in of this unit, I know Devin Hester is good, but set up a counter wedge or something. Get in there and make some effort to tackle.

That's about it. This team, as rusty as they looked in the first two weeks, is still capable of winning a nice chunk of games. These are the areas they must fine tune immediately, though in order to get back on track and be competitive.


Cecil said...

Is it possible, O numerous Chefs fans 'round heres, that this is the worst incarnation of the team you've ever seen?

I know the early-mid '80s had some weak squads. But really, wow. LJ can't get anywhere with 8 and 9 guys on him and, as I stated previously, Huard's parley with Beelzebub has obviously met its shelf life.

5-11? 6-10? Dare I suggest 4-12?