Thursday, September 20, 2007


So, yeah, I've been filling my position here at the House of Georges with about as much competency as Coach Herman this week. Can't help it...the realities of the paying job are keeping The Aged Numeral out of the blog-o-loop. I apologize to my legions of fans and groupies, and rest assured my 100-proof badassery will return to HoG Nation in good time.

I'm hearing a lot of bullshit flying around these parts, including allegations of "cheating" in calling a timeout (to which I say um, two and oh) and "What's wrong with your Red Sox?" (still in first place, at least for today). It's clear that in the absence of The Professor, the students of sports science are running amok, shootin' spitballs and drawing moustaches on the posters of the Founding Fathers. Have your fun, kids. Discipline will be distributed accordingly.

In closing, there's probably some baseball on today, Travis Henry has a bunch of children, sour cream is really good on chicken tacos, and I voted Notre Dame as the unquestioned No. 1 team in the land. They do it right.


Cecil said...

I'd just like to second Ol' No. 7's first paragraph, and promise a triumphal, MacArthur-esque return of mine own. And soon. Like this weekend.

Of course, I haven't been chased from the Phillipines yet, so the comparison is lacking.

The Lone Reader said...

Good to hear boyz. I'm gettin' tired from carryin' y'all on my shoulders.

That Goodell stuff from day one was a gold mine for ya. Just gotta listen, ya know.