Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Best Backfield Duo To Return Minus Amateur Footage and Pedophilia Celebration

I am one jazzed-up motherfucker.

Priest Holmes is healthy and plans on being in River Falls for Chiefs Training Camp on Saturday. What does this mean for Larry Johnson's still non-existent holdout? Nothing at all. Maybe it puts some pressure on Johnson to perform, behave and be a leader. Maybe it doensn't.

In my book, it means you better axe somebody what to do with our offense on third down, beeatch.

This footage is dizzying and retarded but it was all the YouTubes had to offer. My apologies.


Cecil said...

I'd just like to pop in with a note from Mr. Reality:

Your starting QB will be Brodie Croyle.

That is all.

bankmeister said...

Listen, buddy. You went off last year with your line "A Huard brother will be starting for the Chiefs at Invesco. I repeat..." Look where that misconception got you.

dylanebrown said...

yeah don't worry... T.Henry will pick up those 1,500 yards too.
that is all.

Cecil said...

Look, I'm just sayin'.

I'm not even indulging in the ass-centered smoke blowing going on with Cutler. I think that he's gotta get through a full season. And he's a big, solid kid who played 4 years in the SEC on a bad team, not an oft-injured sprite like Croyle.

Croyle's got talent. He can toss it, and he's kinda like a young Trent Green. But his history is really, really, really really really indicative of an injury-shortened career.

And your O-line, while still sporting a few good pros, can't help but feel the loss of Will Shields. And following the loss of Roaf, too. Kyle Turley likes to rip his helmet off and get personal fouls, but he's a shadow of the players he used to be. Which brings me to...

Priest. I love the guy as much as someone who hates him can. But to think he can back to the NFL after two injury-laden years off is, um, not to think very clearly. Terrell was my boy--no, really, we were buddies, even if he doesn't like me hiding in his bushes anymore--but his multiple leg injuries ruined what he was. Your memory of Priest is what you should value, not the specter you'll see this year. Assuming he makes the team.

(No jinxes of any kind meant here, by the way, and if Cutler suffers because of my rash words I'll play chicken with an electric fan.)

Nathan said...

What a great opening photo.