Thursday, July 2, 2009

Baseball in the Daytime: The National League Is Like Fat Chicks; It Needs Some Love, Too

Words can't describe how pleased we are that you could join us for another edition of "Baseball in the Daytime," our feature that just keeps on givin'. This is my first BitD post since the Inter-league play wrapped up for the year, and there always seems to be a lot of chatter about whether or not it's the right thing to do, whether or not it's exciting, who should do what in whose ballpark, etc. I say screw all of the critics; it's fine just how it is, and I actually enjoy it. On what other occasion am I going to get to see the Royals travel to Pittsburgh and watch the pitchers bat? How many opportunities will I have to see the Diamondbacks come to K.C. and use a designated hitter? Leave the thing the way it is. Besides, I'll bet the National League sports collective wood in that they get to come around and see some attractive teams, some beautiful parks. Now that it's all done, however, those N.L.ers are left to deal with all their fat,ugly selves (Editor's Note: Not Colorado, of course. Never). Join me in some relatively unattractive previews, after the jump.

Diamondbacks @ Reds, 11:35 Central: Today's first tilt has a lefty going for the visitors in Doug Davis, and a righty getting the nod for the home team in Aaron Harang. Both guys have lost eight contests, both guys have E.R.A.s in between three and four, and both guys play for a team not in first place. To be fair, Cincinnati is but three games back of Milwaukee in the Central, and they have a .500 record as of this morning. Arizona, on the other hand, is nearly 20 games out, and in the West cellar, which I, as a Royals fan, am qualified to say, is pretty bad. This game didn't get any sexier with beer goggles on, so DirecTV said, "Thanks, but no thanks." XM has the fat-girl love on channel 183.

Mets @ Pirates, 11:35: The Mets and the Pirates. Geez. This is the highlight of today's trio. It features the 1-3 right-hander Tim Redding (6.35 E.R.A.) on the mound for Los Mets. In the bottoms of frames, the 5-4 southpaw in Paul Maholm will be present with his 4.35. This contest features two sub-.500 clubs that are both easily still in the picture. Naturally, most anyone is with only half of the season gone, but in the Central, Pittsburgh's in last but only six games back; New York's two games behind Philly, and in third place, yet they are a 38-39. That's amazing. Anyway, call this game a gem. Call it the tight end. Or just shut up and watch it on DirecTV 724. You know XM wants it some of that, too: 184.

Astros @ Padres, 2:35: Honestly, this third and final day game might have the best pitching matchup of the three. Wandy Rodriguez gets the go for Houston while Kevin Correia fondles the bag for San Diego. It's a lefty and a righty. Both are .500; both have respectable E.R.A.s. Rodriguez managed to keep the Detroit Tigers in check last in his last outing, and went seven strong innings against the Pads the last time these two clubs grappled. Correia, on the other hand, is quietly putting together a nice little season, especially when he gets the call at home. Tune in to DirecTV 721 if you must, or XM has it on the one eight seven.

That's today's day baseball, folks. If you're employed by someone nice enough to give you tomorrow off, then have a great long weekend. If you're not, well, that's too bad.


old no. 7 said...

Remember when the Royals had a chance to join the NL but refused, and the Brewers switched instead? Milwaukee has become a pretty competitive team on the Senior Circuit, while KC is still an AL afterthought. I wonder if the Royals regret that decision.

bankmeister said...

On behalf of the Kansas City Royals and its fan base, we do not.

old no. 7 said...

So you'd rather lose in the AL than win in the NL?

bankmeister said...

Why are you yelling at me?

old no. 7 said...

It just seems to me that if something came along that would make the Royals instantly more competitive, that would be like a good thing.

bankmeister said...

I'm sure there are some that feel that way. For me, it's in the same vein of having a killer hockey stick but your slap shot and wrister suck. Or, you have top-of-the-line golf clubs but you can't drive the ball 50 yards with 10-mph wind at your back.

My philosophy is that you improve your game first, second, and third, and then if there's something else that can tweak your chances of success, jump on it.

Never the reverse. Ever.