Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Brandon Marshall has somehow avoided an NFL suspension.

I'm honestly surprised. Sure, they usually announce them early, and the speculation was that the Broncos would hear before the draft if they heard anything, but still--the dude got arrested again, for like the 14th time (seriously), for another incident featuring that good ol' domestic violence.

Also, not really sure what this will even mean in the end. Marshall is avoiding Dove Valley and reportedly asked for a new deal, which was predictably turned down. Will he hold out? Play flat, be a divisive force? Does he tote too much Samsonite for Coach Doogie? He's supposedly a really personable dude; unless, I guess, you're dating him.

No matter what his private persona, his public one could hardly be worse. That ESPN article also correctly pointed out that he only dodged punishment for this last incident with his current fiance, and that he still might have to go to trial for the The Watley Affair, which sounds like a second-string R & B group. If he cops a plea or is found guilty, then he will almost certainly get whacked. Maybe for a full season.

We'll see. The season is closer than we think. Bob Gretz reminded us a few days back that the Chefs open Training Camp in two months. I just saw the Pro Football Weekly 2009 Season Preview on the shelf at Albertson's.