Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Warm Rocky Mountain Empire McWelcome to...

The young gentleman of Irish descent who evidently has just been hired as the Head Coach of the Denver Broncos, Josh McDaniels.

Late of the New England squad, McDaniels is mostly famous for presiding over that team's record-breaking '07 offense and dealing, very successfully, with Matt Cassel as his starter following Tom Brady's awful, Chefs-caused injury in this season's first game. He was a college wide receiver, at that powerhouse John Carroll, and even has a history on the defensive side, having coached the Pats' secondary in '03 and worked as a defensive assistant. By all accounts he's bright, capable, hard-working and probably also clean, thrifty, brave and reverent.

He's also 32 years old and looks two decades younger. He's likely going to bring in this big-eared serial failure, probably as a defensive coordinator. And isn't QB coach Jeremy Bates--same age, already has Cutler's ear--under contract already? How's that going to shake out?

I'm pissed that we didn't get Leslie Frazier. Or Spagnuolo. Dom Capers, fuck.

But then, I also bought an Urban Dance Squad album. In a store. With my own money. I suppose I should wait until he at least fills his staff out officially--or hell, even until the Broncos actually acknowledge his hire--to bash him. There will be plenty of time for that later, I'm afraid.

Late Update: Adam Schefter, who once ruled Denver football news without topping 5'5", says that ex-Bronco assistant, Ravens defensive coordinator and San Francisco head coach Mike Nolan is going to be McDaniels' choice at DC. We're moving to the 3-4 without a nose tackle. This draft is going to be huge.


bankmeister said...

Um, several of your links don't work. And, for the record, the Chiefs, collectively, list Braveheart as their favorite movie on their Facebook page.