Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits: But Will He Cut the Sleeves?

You know what I really like about the Denver Broncos Football Club? It's that you can always recognize the few respectable members of it pretty much right away. Conversely, there are select members that show signs of developing into ultimate tools, and there are some that're just gonna gay it up right away. So Mosh McDanahan will don the hoodie on the sidelines.

Two birds, one stone, eh? Class up that side of the field and stroke Belichick's much-neglected ego. I can't wait to see that kickoff that has Mos' Dan in the hoodie and Nolan in the suit. You stay classy, Denver.

(props to Mile High Report for the news and the image)


Jason D said...

I gagged a little when I heard the hoodie comment. I'm just glad my team isn't comfortable with mediocrity, like some in the league.

bankmeister said...

Well, my team could stand to benefit from a bit of mediocrity. Might you of the 7-9 variety point us in the right direction?

Cecil said...

We were 8-8, but point taken.

The wife will flip out if he cuts the sleeves off. She's already pissed about hearing Belichick's name in connection with everything McDaniels, that would push her over the edge.

No one wants that.

bankmeister said...

I know you were. I just tweaked it to make the could've-been-in-the-freaking-conference-championship-game-at-8-8-Chargers look a morsel better than y'all.

Wha'? Unrest in BroncosCountry?

Cut the sleeves! Cut the sleeves!