Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday ThumbTubes & YouNails: 1-15-09

It's been a while since we perused the tubes of stubbyness, the nail bin you youity, and so we bring yous a small collection today, carefully assembled for your always-considered enjoyment. It's that post-hump-day, not-quite-Friday part of the week where, let's face it, we're all slackin' extra hard at the office.

But don't sweat it. You think those clowns care about you? You show up most days, with a less-than-illegal BAC, and you're easily productive on at least one out of every 10 work days. What's the big deal? Enjoy some sports. Some humor. Some spumor. Nobody's lookin', and even if they were, they might enjoy right along with you. Ya' gotta click the link, though.

Thus far in the playoffs, I've had a number of conversations with my buddies regarding who does the better job covering games: Fox or CBS. Frankly, I found myself repeatedly shocked to learn that such a debate was feasible. Apparently, some guys prefer Fox. Some guys also dig it for the Frank Caliendo bits. And some guys don't think Terry Bradshaw is a total flippin' 'tard. Who knew. There is one thing (among many others) that has always really pissed me off about Fox, though...

Honestly, I would've included more actual footage, just to show how retarded the thing is. Always.

(clip courtesy of With Leather)

We've made a few references recently to the (successful) shock value that goes into some of the posts over at Kissing Suzy Kolber. They're at it once again...

Hugging Harold Reynolds threw this up a few days ago:

Can't say I'm sorry I missed it. Can't say I'm happy I found it. What a tool.

Deadspin's got a great story on a dude who builds a backyard hockey rink for the kids every winter.

Pretty impressive facility. I'm sure all you hockey fans can appreciate that one.

For reasons we can't explain, Scuffed Balls has, via a couple of posts, put together a few snappy shots of the always-delectable, Mrs. Kurt Warner. And for reasons we really can't explain, we added a few of our own to the mix.

And Chicago Bears fullback Jason McKie chats with Mouthpiece Sports about Adam Jones and Ron Mexico:

And that's about all we can handle today. We'll catch you kids on the flip side.


old no. 7 said...

I'll never understand Kurt Warner. One day he professes to be a devout Christian, the next he's making out with a man in clear violation of the teachings from the Book of Leviticus. He's like Ted Haggard in shoulder pads.