Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Studmuffins: The Late Great Derrick Thomas

Fifth time's the charm, you might say. I for one, as a lifelong Chiefs fan, am glad that we can finally put this debate to rest: Derrick Thomas is in the National Football League Hall of Fame.

There are of course a number of possible angles to this story.

1) Those that feel he should've been in as a first-timer, can shed their frustrations, and simply be happy that he's in.

2) Those that know and believe he was a game-changing player, a guy you had to game plan for, can simply nod at the acknowledgment.

3) Those that think his off-field behaviors shouldn't've warranted an induction will feel new frustrations, especially if a member of a team they root for/represent got snubbed.

4) Those that insist that a championship-game appearance is required for induction saw their argument get weaker.

5) And of course, those that feel their team is under-represented in Canton likely are irritated by certain shoe-in inductees

not getting elected in on their first try. Reportedly, it was not expected by the Botox-lipped steed himself, but I'll bet any amount of gelding dung he's in before his fifth go, and that'll likely be in 2010.


Dylan said...

They played a little game yesterday...a pretty good may have heard of it..

What's up? too much chili?

Cecil said...

You may not want to admit it, since your favorite squad has like 53 guys in the Hall because of that one fucking win back when Stegosaurs roamed the Great Plains--but the Broncos *are* under-represented.

We're one of the most successful franchises of the Super Bowl era. Only two teams--Dallas and Pittsburgh--have been to the big game more.

We beat up on the San Diego Chargers for so long that their fans now bite themselves bloody, like crazed dogs, when their squad shows some moxie. We destroyed the Raiders' so-called mystique, shat loose turds on their Pride and cruelly sodomized their Poise.

We even, via the earthly vessel of Shannon Sharpe, once taunted your multiple baby-fatherin' HOF hero into three personal fouls in a row, in a game said player's team was supposed to flex their Marty-built muscles and achieve some get-back for the previous year's big loss in the AFC Divisional Playoff.

So you can talk lips all you want. Sharpe buggered your boy, and your team, his whole career. And didn't offer you one fingerful of Astroglide.

Cecil said...

"during a game in which said player's team"


bankmeister said...

Wow. You're sick in the head. You guys have like three (real) guys in; we have seven. We were also far-more responsible for the demise of the once-great Raiders than you could've ever imagined to be.

Don't make me dig up the numbers.

The success of your franchise has been documented. Documented in how to get your ass handed to you.

Over. And over. And over again.

Dylan said...

Most Chiefs victories in franchise history.. it aint the Chargers or Raiders.. 52.
Although it isn't the deal-closer in this ever changing argument, it does help build the case.
As far as Sharpe and his buggery, what is that they say.. it's always the second entrant that gets the penalty..

Cecil said...

We have one Bronco, one career-long Bronco, in the Hall. He's Elway.

Zimmerman spent the first part of his career in Minnesota. He was great, he considers himself a Bronco and I agree with him, but...still.

No Dennis Smith, no Floyd Little, no Randy Gradishar or Tommy Jackson. No Steve Atwater. No Karl Mecklenburg, for Christ's sake.

These are players that belong in the Hall and will not ever make it.

Last year, a tight end who played in Detroit in the '70s got in. Never heard of the guy, which is saying something. His numbers look paltry by modern standards and his team never won a fucking thing, ever.

But he's a Hall of Famer. Randy Gradishar isn't.