Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Funnies: AFC Inc(W)est?

I'm not sure whether or not to rally the now-dead Tony DiPardo TD Pack Band or quote some Rick O'Casek. Well, okay. I really do: "Let them brush your rock n' roll hair (Josh McD), let the good times roll."

Stuff's gettin' weird around here, no doubt. I mean, the Kansas City Chiefs went on a near-five-week hush operation while trying to figure out who would replace Carl Peterson as general manager. In the midst of that, the Denver Broncos Shana-can the Rat. Then speculations of the Chiefs hiring New England Patriots Vice President of Player Personnel Scott Pioli circulate, and there were rumors about him being here, being there, being interviewed, what have you. Adam Teicher of The Kansas City Star then reports that all of those rumors were false. Then the rumors built steam again, and there were a few that suggested that Pioli would be coming in and bringing Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels with him.

The Broncos then hire McDaniels; the Chiefs hire Pioli. Denver wastes no time getting Mike Nolan as defensive coordinator, and the Chiefs revert to mum with anything associated with the status of their coaches.

All the while, us pavement-pounding House of Georges beat writers cover this material -- or as they say about Blogtopia, report what the media has already published with our whizzy links and ripped-off photos -- only to find out that this esteemed crew of professional, paid journalists is ripping off our efforts. Then, in a seeming whirlwind, I quote one of my colleagues regarding the nature of special teams, and as I'm still combing my wind-smattered hair, the Broncos are preparing to announce that they'll hire Chiefs Special Teams Coach Mike Priefer.

Now, just yesterday morning, some of the TalkRadios spoke of how the NFL prohibits lateral moves among teams. I suppose that's a good rule, one that avoids coach pirating. So, wouldn't this fall into that category?

Ah. I see. The Broncos have a way around this:

"Priefer has a year left on his contract in Kansas City, but the Broncos are expected to give him the title of special-teams coordinator, so the move would be a promotion and, thus, one Priefer would be able to make."

Don't be mistaken. I'm not angry about this possibility. I am freakin' stoked. You can look here and see that, based on Rick Gosselin's 2007 numbers, that would be a three-slot improvement for Denver. A 2008 fantasy-style pre-season look shows that the Broncos make the top 20. The Chiefs do not. I'm sure, somewhere on these CyberWebs, there's a list of the 2008 special teams rank, but I cannot find it. Suffice to say, that if the Broncos feel that Priefer's an improvement, I'm a believer. Not necessarily because I believe them, but because that unit, title promotion or not, will be a total disaster.

Since this shit has gotten so bizarre, I can't imagine what will happen next. Jon Gruden's out of work. He could come to the Chiefs, I suppose. It's either that or in an undying fit of wound mendage, Al Davis convinces Chucky and the Rat to come work for him. How'd that be for a GM/head coach tandem. I can barely picture the faces...


Cecil said...

After lo these many years, I've finally decided that you can hire all the Special Teams Gurus in the world--we did, with Scott O'Brien, who left us to go to the Patriots--and it won't matter a fucking lick if you don't have the backup linebackers and wideouts with the necessary thirst for blood.

And Shanahan acted, for 13 of his 14 years here, like he simply didn't know that aspect of the game existed beyond Jason Elam.

He wasn't interested in collecting the hungry down-roster guys, he wanted to trade up for Jarvis fucking Moss or let his new secondary coach convince him that Willie Middlebrooks wasn't an enormous turd.