Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hard Knocks Review: Episode II

Episode II of HBO's "Hard Knocks: Training Camp With the Kansas City Chiefs" aired last night. Though the energy of the program wasn't as high as week one, it was still pretty darn excellent. The focus this week was the depth chart, coaches obsessions with it and its ever-changing status. This installment was more about getting into the mindset of the coaching staff, giving the viewing audience a glimpse into the decision-making processes coaches undergo while at camp. It was pretty educational. There are certainly some highlights to discuss, and we'll get to them, just as soon as I've singled out the most important one: we finally got to see some footage/hear the voice of TLR's favorite Chief coach (Offensive Coordinator), Mike Solari.

Let me bring those of you that aren't familiar with the scenario up to speed. TLR does a pretty good job of paying attention to Kansas City sports from his cozy Adirondack cabin up in the land of non-American bacon. He's a few clicks and chimes from receiving his PhD in salmon conservation or something equally useless. Don't get the wrong idea. He's an extremely intelligent kid and he'll probably be involved in some marine biology-related epidemic that saves the whales, dolphins and humans all at the same time. His greatest fault, however, is that he's that guy. Yeah. The armchair GM/Head Coach/Director of Scouting/Chief of Officiating/President of the Player's Union/League Commissioner all rolled into one.

I'll stick to his most recent poster-child example: Operation Fire Mike Solari. TLR is the president, VP, treasurer and sole member of this organization. And he founded it in like week 11 of last year's football season. The crux of it all came in this forgettable memory when TLR called my cell phone nothing shy of 37.4 times, all to bitch about Solari and our non-existent offensive gameplan. What TLR failed to notice, finally (months later) admitted, and now insists upon ignoring is that this guy promoted him to that position, and it is said promoter's philosophy that both coordinators must adhere to. Furthermore, it was Solari's first year as a coordinator. Give the guy a flippin' break. That's all I'm going to say about it. It was nice to see his presence on Hard Knocks. Peek at the comments for the usual "run-run-pass/predictable" criticisms that TLR will dish out to defend his can-Solari campaign.

Other highlights of last night's episode:

The Tank and the Turk. Yes. They were both highlights, comically and performance-wise. Sort of. Tank, the fatass third-round pick draft pick out of North Carolina State who was filmed falling asleep in the classroom in last week's episode, has been, in addition to keeping roommate Turk awake with thunderous snoring, he's been tearing up the fields of both camp and pre-season game number one. Turk, on the other hand, was not the kind of highlight Chiefs Nation wanted to see. The second-rounder out of Tennessee was shown being dominated on the practice field and cramping up/getting winded in the game against the Browns. Effin' sweet.

Dwayne Bowe

I was pretty stoked to see the inclusion of Bowe's field-goal-post taping and dousing. Reading about it in the paper was one thing; hearing him complain to one-time Bronco Eddie Kennison about not being able to feel his arms and ribs was dadgummed hysterical. As far as on-the-field performance, Bowe is huge, he is ripped and he has got to improve his hands. I'm confident he will, but that was a bit disturbing.

Other worthy notes:

1) Nice to see Justin Medlock put one through the uprights after missing several consecutive attempts. Does anyone know what the coaching staff was thinking when they decided not to bring in any competition for the guy?

2) Gunther Cunninham. The dude is my idol. He's going to have this D in top-notch shape by mid-season. I, for one, am amped about that.

3) Boomer Grigsby. His transition to fullback has me watering at the mouth. Let's hope he can stay healthy.

4) Herm told the guys not to wear all their jewelry for the travel to Cleveland. Brodie Croyle informed everyone that that wouldn't be a problem for him as he' "not that into 'blink'."

5) Kyle Turley. He gets a half-nod for just being the piece of work that he is. Not to shabby on the six-string acoustic either.

That sums it up. Pop back in next Thursday for a review of Episode III.


Nathan said...

Ah my good friend, Mr. Meister, it is a long list of titles indeed ... and a lifetime of struggle ... but someone must rise to the occasion. I, Mr. Meister, am that someone. It is a glorious organizaion growing by the day, as any great cause does. It will take sacrific, sir, but I am wiling to do so ... for you, Mr. Meister, for ALL Chiefs nation.

Indeed, Mr. Solari's performance will speak for itself. It will be a sad show, but certainly an educational one ... painful, but fast. There are golden days ahead, just not this year. The poor bastard.