Monday, August 6, 2007

Baseball In The Daytime: 8-6-07

One of my missions in life is to expose the areas of sports that are widely ignored but deserve more coverage. The ongoing race for the American League East is just one of those areas, as absolutely no one is talking about either the Boston Red Sox or the New York Yankees. This is a travesty.

Although the Red Sox don't start their series with the Angels until tonight, we must lead off BITD with this little treat concerning the venue in Los Anaheim. Fucking. Disgusting. First it was a moose, now it's the rats. The animal kingdom is after the Olde Towne Team.

As for an actual day game, we have one of those up in Canada today...

Normally the only reasons for a Monday afternoon contest are a rain-mandated doubleheader or a reacharound weekend series getaway game. Neither of those apply here, although these two might attempt a little reacharound action after BP. Unlike some cities in the American South, Canada has no antisodomy laws and actually embraces the pending union of shortstop and third-sacker.

The starting pitchers for this matinee are Andy Pettitte and Jesse Litsch, and the whole affair gets underway at 11:07 Mountain on XM 176. I can't imagine the Yankees playing an untelevised game, so if you have the Extra Innings package just hunt around for a while. There are no HBO movies that feature full frontal until 3:20, or so I've heard.


Brian said...

I'll have you know I find the rats delightful. I wear flip flops to games and there's nothing like getting the goose bumps when a family of rats scampers across your naked toes. The article goes on to talk about the stadium staff not picking up trash until the day after a game... Don't you think there could be a connection between the rats and Scott Shield's likeness?