Friday, August 24, 2007

Baseball In The Daytime: 8-24-07

Man, yesterday really sucked. The Red Sox were rained out, the Yankees didn't lose (or even play), and the Rockies dropped a series to the God damned Pirates. That's not a nail in the coffin for the Colorado nine, but there is a standing order at the hardware store for a pound of eight-pennys.

On the bright side, we do get a Friday matinee. Now I don't have any idea if this Red Sox-White Sox game was scheduled before the rainout and the night game was added or vice versa, but who really cares? Josh Beckett aims to become the majors' first 16-game winner against inconsistent Jon Garland.

Beckett won 16 games all of last year, so he's really picked up the pace in '07. You can find this game at noon Mountain on XM 177. DirecTV only has the night game listed (on 743), so that leads me to believe that this early contest is the rescheduled one. Poke around the 730's, as well as WGN (307) and NESN (623) and see what you can find.

Now I'm going to go caulk a roof and try not to fall off, so's I can enjoy the game later. Cheers!


Nathan said...

Fuck MLB and the hell it's put us throught. Fuck the fascist bastards who run that shit, and fuck us fans for eatin' it up. Nuf said.

On another note, HOLY SHIT, Brody Croyle sucks balls. I missed the game last night as I was on a damn ferry in the North Atlantic. I just saw some "highlights" and Croyle looked like a damn highschool QB back there. He was flatout scared shitless. It's gonna be a long year for the Chiefs. Hell, maybe someone will get fired out of this travesty. This is Todd-Blackledge-quality shit, dude. Fuckin' hilarious.