Monday, August 13, 2007

Baseball In The Daytime: 8-13-07

Unless you are unfortunate enough to live in the Eastern Time Zone, you get a little bit of day baseball today. Due to some crappy weather back in April, the Giants and Pirates will play a pair at PNC, and it will be an honest-to-goodness doubleheader. One ticket gets you in to both games. So I guess there's one place worth being in the Eastern Time Zone after all, and it's in a seat at the yard channelling Ernie Banks.

The whole production commences at 3:05 Mountain, and you can catch it on your drive home on XM 186. The housewives, college students, shut-ins, convalesced and chronically unemployed are shit outta luck, as there doesn't appear to be a TV broadcast.

And if you like reading about someone else's fantasy team, continue...

I play in a couple leagues, but the big daddy is the Ted Willaims Unfrozen Head. It's a head-to-head daily league, and I'm currently sitting in the fourth spot. Which matters because four teams get in to our playoff tournament.

Hot on my heels is the HoG's own Banky, who held fourth for much of the season while I sorted out some issues. We meet this week, for the third and final time. I currently hold a five-category-win advantage over the kid, so this game will go a long way to deciding who makes it to the postseason.

And I'm here to tell everyone, but particularly the general manager of the Alex Gordon Express, that this one's in the bag. There is no possible way that I'm going to lose. My pitching is vastly superior, even with Rocket taking the week off and none of my aces getting two starts. And I should hit enough to dominate the hacks on Banky's roster.

So the gauntlet has been thrown down, young man. Should you choose to make a wager, with the penalties for the loser to be massively humiliating, I'll take your money. Or dignity.

And as for everyone else--I've never played classic Rotisserie baseball with an auction, only the head-to-head with a draft. But after reading Sam Walker's excellent Fantasyland, I think I might be ready to take the plunge. So I may start a HoG Roto league next year. Who's in?