Monday, September 15, 2008

Baseball In The Daytime: 9-15-08

Hurricane Ike sure threw a monkey wrench into baseball over the weekend. I completely lost track of how many games were postponed, how many doubleheaders were rescheduled, or how many times I cursed at the computer when one of my fantasy players didn't play. Not that it matters, Cecil beat me fair and square in the playoffs and moves on to the championship round against occasional HoG contributor Rustoleum. Good luck, asshole.

One of the weirdest Ike-related twists was the disposition of the Cubs-Astros series scheduled for Friday through Sunday in Houston. Seeing as how that city took the storm head-on, the teams relocated to Milwaukee to try and get a few ballgames in. You see, Milwaukee has a dome, a dome built by Commissioner Bud Selig. It's always available for rent to get MLB out of weather-related jams, like when the Indians and Mariners played a series there last season after snow wiped out a week of contests in Cleveland.

So the Cubs played a "road" game 90 miles from their home against "host" Houston. All Big Z did was throw a fucking no-hitter, first for the Chicago Nats since 1972. They pushed their division lead over the Brewers to seven and a half, following the Crew's sweep at the hands of the Phillies. And now, adding insult to injury, Milwaukee flies home from Philly and they can not even enter their home clubhouse. It's still occupied by the Astros, who'll "host" the Cubs once more before the midweek series featuring Chicago and the Brewers kicks off tomorrow. Details after the jump...

Chicago "@" Houston, 12:05 Mountain Last night's Zambrano gem was further evidence that the Cubs are looking just a little charmed in 2008. I'm not trying to jinx anything, just stating what's obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes. Today they send Ted Lilly, who'll either be a No. 4 starter or a lefty specialist in the postseason, up against Brian Moehler. Play Ball!


Cecil said...

Yesterday was one of the greatest days in the history of sports.