Monday, September 15, 2008

And Because It's All (Redacted) on the Western Front...

...I'll take this one. Now, I'll first say that each Denver fan I've spoken with admitted that it was a bad call, or that they were bad calls, or whatever. We should not take away the fact that Denver (for the most part) appeared to have played a pretty solid game, and most certainly should've been in contention for the win. Until the fumble. I guess a rule's a rule, but it would be entirely improfessional of me to let Monday, September 15 (and more so the events of the day prior) breeze by the House of Georges without commentary. That of course, can be found after the jump.

The four-letter network tells us that Ed Hochuli will get lower grades, which allegedly can "impact his status for potentially working the playoffs and ultimately whether or not he is retained." It comes at absolutely zero surprise that in that same story, Mike Shanahan had a different opinion:

"This was the best crew that we have had in the last 20 crews I have graded," Shanahan said. "They did a heck of a job. Every game that you see that is within a point or a field goal over the last couple years, it may be a call or a non-call that wasn't right, but that is the nature of this game. You have to find a way to win.

"We still had the ball at third-and-10 and had to get it into the end zone. Third-and-10 and then fourth-and-4. We still had to make a two-point conversion," Shanahan said. "It wasn't like somebody gave us the touchdown. You have to go out there and still get it done."

No shit, Mike. Nobody every gives anybody a touchdown. Ever. Every team has to go out there and get it done. The argument can be made, though, that an extra possession, when time would've otherwise expired via San Diego downing it, gives you the chance to score. A chance you shouldn't have had. Also in the story is video link titled "Cutler will take win any way he can get it." There's a shocker. Is he still living in Shanahan's basement?

With Leather thinks the fumble was obvious.

The Big Lead (who gives us the following clip) called it their second gift of the afternoon, and suggests Shanahan went for two because there was no way they get three gimmies. To that I say: What? Come on, Mike. You get like nine a season. Who says three in a day can't happen?

The Bronco-lovers at KSK of course have a take.

Perhaps Rumors & Rants has the best headline name for the game.

And naturally, there're are many things being said about it at Deadspin, perhaps the most tenacious being this quote:

"The Chargers will still win the division and kill the Donks next time they play, but that was nothing less than atrocious. I beg you to not let this story die."

And I suppose that's enough about that. Denver gets the win, courtesy of Shanahanigans once more, and San Diego is left to stew.