Friday, December 14, 2007

Minding The Stove: Your Daily K-Fuk Update

Following the Cubs' landmark signing of K-Sucky Fuck-You-Do-May, the Rangers decided to not be left out of the jersey market for adolescent stoners. They've got their own K-Fuk, the suave reliever Kazuo Fukumori. Or, Casual Fuck You More, I. The guys at The Dugout have to be dead of heart attacks right now.

Update: They've survived their cardiac arrest.

Second Update: Via Deadspin, here's a name that got both members of the K-Fuk club beat. Man, I love Asia. First gunpowder, now Suck Some Wong.

I have nothing more to add, so don't click on the "Read More" button unless you're a huge fan of wasting time.