Saturday, December 8, 2007

Iron Triangle Update; or Mother Nature's Attempts to Cancel the Tradition

When I was a Colorado resident, people always wanted to know why shit was so expensive in Colorado. To this question, I always responded with: "Blame it on the mountains."

Of course. They are gorgeous, but they must be traversed when hauling groceries and fuel and whatnot. Plus, their scenery is what makes the real estate as pricey as it is. Therefore, when Old No. 7 and Mrs. No. 7 must re-route, engage in whiteouts, accidents, snow embankments, hour-and-a-half-long trooper waits and near arrests, all because of alpine winter conditions, the blame must go somewhere. So why not Ma Nature and her splendid Rocky Mountains?

Fear not, though HoGsters. The Sevens are alive, uninjured, well, and persistent. Giant bummer for Mrs. 7, though, as she must operate the vehicular module with trailer in tow for the duration of the drive here. And the one home, too. Those are some good times I certainly don't envy.


rustoleum said...

Mrs. no. 7 must be so proud.