Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Historically Speaking: 10-27-09

Haven't really gathered my thoughts yet regarding the ass pounding the Chiefs took at home against the Chargers. Meantime, here's an interesting read regarding Head Coach Todd Haley's thoughts on the game, the distraction, an approach to the bye week. Also, Joe Posnanski has some thoughts on Larry Johnson.

* Today in 1968, the 19th Olympic Games closed in Mexico City, Mexico. You know, as opposed to Mexico City, Tibet.

* Some New York Islanders notes: It today in 1973 when the Islanders beat the New York Rangers for the first time. They did so by a 3-2 margin on home ice. In a home win on this date six seasons later, the Islanders scored two goals in six seconds, and a third within a minute against the visiting Chicago Blackhawks. Seventy-nine was also the first of four consecutive years in which the Islanders won the Stanley Cup.

* Several World Series were wrapped up today: On this date in 1985, Kansas City Royal Bret Saberhagen tossed a five hitter to give the Royals an 11-0 game seven win over St. Louis. One year later, the Mets sealed the deal over the Boston Red Sox, four games to three. It was 1991 when the Braves and Twins went extra innings in a game seven, giving Minnesota their first championship in four years. Five years later the Yankees collected their first Series win in 18 seasons, a game-six victory over Atlanta. And in 2002, the Anaheim Angels, also in a game seven, defeated the San Francisco Giants.

* Couple of NFL franchise-relocations notes from this day in history: Today in 1995 the contract to finalize the move of the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore was signed, and the following year, Bud Adams announced that the Houston Oilers would play one more season in Texas before moving to Nashville, Tennessee.

* Today in 2002, Emmitt Smith became the NFL's all-time leading rusher in his 193rd game. Noteworthy marks on the day included his new rushing mark of 16, 743 yards, as well as his 150th career touchdown.

And your Sports Illustrated quote of the day came from the mouth of...

...one-time Cleveland Cavalier guard World B. Free, who, in 1984, watched teammate Cliff Robinson drill a three-point shot as time expired, giving the Cavs a 114-112 overtime win against Detroit. Free said, "That shot was so good, for a moment I thought I took it."


old no. 7 said...

That post was so good, for a moment I thought I wrote it.

Dylan said...

About the "interesting" post of LJ...Duh! He is gone. They are just deciding on the most humiliating manner to do it.
Tit for Tat! Patriot way will ALWAYS have the last word.
About JoPo, when he focuses on the issue of the day..he's brilliant.
He's like a sober ON7. He's like #7 minus the typos, with the Wiki and on his Prozac. The similarities are endless...give or take a few things.

old no. 7 said...

Thanks for the compliment, I think, but what the F are you talking about? Typos? Unpossible!

bankmeister said...

See: "Commas and Em Dashes, A Banky Tutorial"