Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Miscellany: Who'll Suck Most?; or Maybe They Should Just Play Each Other 16 Times

Right quick, both House of Georges teams have yet to win a game in the first pre-season to follow franchise overhauls. Crystal ball says it'll be a long season. Linkless highlights after the jump.

Thus far this pre-season, the Denver Broncos have seen their number one receiver suspended, Kyle Orton booed, witnessed him throw a hearty number of picks, and seen Chris Simms, son of a giant pussy, get hurt. They also saw Jay Cutler come into their home (last night) and light up team Orange and Gold.

The Kansas City Chiefs, on the other hand, have seen their number one receiver demoted, repremoted, their number one quarterback sprain his MCL, which of course comes one week after a two-week-long quarterback controversy, and their offense, basically, fail to do much of anything. This last bit resulted in Chan Gailey, offensive coordinator, being relieved of his duties this morning.

So, at a collective 0-6, what do these teams have going for them?

The answer: good kickers.

Yee. Haw.


Cecil said...

While the Broncos don't look good offensively, I simply must disabuse the notion of Cutler's Sunday greatness: the dude was basically flustered except for one goddamn drive.

But lo, that's all it took for the Alex Marvezes of the world to start the knee-jerking. HE IS SO GRATE!!11! FRANCHIZE QBB!

One drive. His other score came when they were gifted the ball at the 5 fucking yard line.