Friday, July 31, 2009

Historically Speaking: Trade Deadline

Oh, boy. When will it end? Another strike for Manny, and now Pig Slapi's in the PED-fold, too. Do people care more because guys like this are known as power hitters? Would they care if some Washington Nationals and Kansas City Royals were juicin'? Think about that as you study your final lesson for the week.

* We mentioned Ford Frick yesterday and we'll do it once more: It was today in 1962 when the National League rejected the commissioner's proposal for starting interleague play in 1963.

* In a 1972 Twins game against the White Sox, Dick Allen became the first player since 1950 to hit two inside-the-park home runs in a game.

* Seven years later, Pete Rose smacks a single off of Phil Niekro stretching his hit streak to 44 games, tying an 81-year-old National League record.

* Today in 1981, the second Major League Baseball strike ends after a 42-day holdout.

* Trade deadline history: In 1989, the Twins traded Cy Young winner Frank Viola to the Mets for five players; in '97 McGwire is shipped to St. Louis, Pudge to Texas, while the Mariners part ways with Jose Cruz, Jr. and Jason Varitek; and the Mariners are at it again the following season as they send Randy Johnson to Houston for John Halama, Freddy Garcia and Carlos Guillen.

And your Sports Illustrated quote of the day came from the mouth of...

...former Indiana University English professor Edwin Cady, who, in 1967, spoke of a Hoosiers victory in which the club was outpassed, outgained, and out first-downed by Wisconsin, yet victorious: "We have had enough moral victories over the years; it is high time we had an immoral one."