Thursday, July 2, 2009

Historically Speaking: The Second Coming of the Most Boring Post You Will Ever Read

I suppose it stands to reason that our original version was more boring in that it's about our fantasy baseball league, and a) no one cares about anyone else's fantasy baseball league, and b) people don't actually do anything in fantasy sports. They just click their mouses, talk smack on message boards, and on occasion -- and it's these people we need to worry about -- they will remind you in every possible way that they are 1) better than you at this game, 2) interested in talking about it in via every form imaginable, and 3) in serious need of some flippin' therapy. At least in this most-boring post, some folks actually did some stuff, like throw, swing, fight, and actually kill. Have a peep. You knows where.

* Heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey, in 1921, knocked out (House of) Georges Carpentier in the fourth round in Jersey City. This was Dempsey's third title defense since defeatnig Jess Willard two years prior.

* Facing Joe Niekro in the ninth inning, New York's Horace Clarke broke up a no-hitter with a single today in 1970. Having done the same to Kansas City and Boston, this marked the third no-hitter Clark had broken up in four weeks' time.

* When trolling around for these tidbits, I come across a lot of pitcher stats and happenings, and tend to avoid them. Unless they're really awesome, like Ron Guidry was. The New York Yankee, today in 1978, set a franchise record by starting off the season 13-0. Now, that's impressive. Roger Clemens and some other guy have gone 14 and 15, respectively, but those guys are jerks.

* I tend to apply the same philosophy with home runs. There're a lot of 'em, and a lot you can say about a lot of 'em. But unless they're like a day in the majors like 2002 saw on July 2 -- 62 jacks hit throughout 16 games -- they're likely not going to make the H.S. cut.

* Yay. More soccer: It was today in 1994 when Colombian soccer player Andres Escobar was shot to death in Medellin. In completely unrelated news, he had accidentally scored a goal 10 days earlier. In his own net. In the World Cup.

And your Sports Illustrated quote of the day came from the mouth of...

...long-time New York Mets outfielder Mookie Wilson, who, circa 1986, was asked why he and his fiancee's nuptials were celebrated in a ballpark. His response: "My wife wanted a big diamond." Buh-dum. Tschh.