Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Veteran Leadership, Part 1

I admit that I failed in spectacular fashion at my most recent HoG-related task, i.e. blogging about the NBA playoffs. So, before I delve into today's topic (teaser: it's Chefs-related!) here's my update: the Nuggets lost to the Lakers in six games. Mark Cuban is still a whiner. LeBron is happy being the Best and Most Marketable Basketballer in History, choreographing dances and hosting Saturday Night Live, as long as he's winning like David Stern promised him--if not, he morphs into a gigantic infant. Kobe Bryant rapes people and scowls. Dwight Howard thinks God wants him to win the Finals and Pau Gasol is seriously ugly.

There you have it. Magic lose to the Lakers in six games; L.A. beat their biggest competition last week.

Anyway. On to the topic at hand. Meet me past Jumptown.

The Kansas City Chefs have emphasized, as part of their rebuilding and rebranding project, bringing in older players, guys who will presumably bring a mix of professionalism and leadership to a locker room that could use it. Guys like Zach Thomas and Mike Vrabel.

One problem. Vrabel, who was obtained via trade alongside surefire future Hall of Fame quarterback Matt Cassel, has yet to make an appearance in Kansas City.

I've read a fair amount of internet speculation about this, because I don't have a job and looking for one is hard. There seem to be several theories, among them...

1. He's helping out at some football camp for kids.

2. He's pissed at Belichick for trading him to Kansas City instead of Cleveland, which is in his home state and marginally more prepared to win.

I really have no idea. Sure, the workouts he's missing are only "voluntary," but we all know how "voluntary" works in the NFL. It's bullshit, yes, but coaches and front office types frequently see these offseason training sessions as indicative of a guy's level of commitment. So I throw it out there to the many fans of the KC squad who read/post here, except for The Lone Reader because he took his LeBron James-autographed ball and went home--what's the deal with your new linebacker, the guy who is going to help form the bridge from New England to the City of Fountains?

Brian Waters is also missing these. But I know from previous discussions that you all could give a crap about him. Even though all he's done is play at a borderline HoF level for your team for nearly a decade.


Dylan said...

"you all could give a crap about him"
The answer to the question is most likely a version of #2.
When you spend the last 10 years re-inventing and perfecting the game of American Football, you pass irreversible milestones.
These irreversible markers include "voluntary" workouts.
The "Patriot way" is for the indians, not the chiefs, in a metaphorical sense.

So yeah, thats whats up here.

Why does Brandon Marshal keep beatin' on those ladies?

Cecil said...

Ah, I'm just givin' the Administrator shit because he was so quick to take Pioli's side over Waters', even though I always thought Waters was one of your actual cornerstone guys. I know that you City o' Fountains folk truly love you some BW.

The race is on to see which AFC West franchise can morph into a suitable facsimile of the Patriots. (My bet is on the Raiders...not being the one.)

Post coming about #15.

Cecil said...

Oh, and by "BW" I mean "Bed Wettery."

Dylan said...

Bank is the administratix of that which you speak?

NBA: You crazy. The Ron Jeremy coached Magic are the real deal.
They got the bodies and the engines.
Magic in 7.
PS My security word below is "conteeta".
This place is really cool.

Cecil said...

He is indeed. I started calling him that and it never caught on. Kind of like when I used to say "that's Pope." Also a non-starter.

Look, the Magic could win it. They have the league-mandated superstar, who is currently unfuckingstoppable. While Nene plays almost as soft as Gasol, the Spaniard is going to experience something akin to a prison love affair going on D against Howard. Turkoglu can drain it, their bench is solid, they have momentum.

They easily handled the Cavs while the Lakers could easily have lost to the Nuggets. L.A. was fortunate that Denver melted down mentally at key moments in the series or the final would have been Denver in five.

But the fact is that they don't have anyone who can stay in front of Kobe. No one does, of course, but the Lakers have enough size to keep Howard working while the rapist punishes them on the perimeter. The Mamba is, if nothing else, a cold-blooded motherfucker and will quickly identify the Magic's inability to stop him, no matter what defensive permutations SVG concocts.