Friday, March 27, 2009

You Heard it Here First (For Once)

A couple of weeks ago, I dropped a scandalriffulous rumor into a post about young Jay-Jay. I won't make you all go back and search for it, so enjoy.

For those with click-thru aversions, the cliffs notes: Jay, Type 1 diabetic, is pretty fond of the drink. Very fond. Apparently swills-nightly-to-excess fond. (Kind of like we here at the House, honestly.)

At the time, it was just scuttlebutt, albeit pretty well-sourced scuttlebutt. I'd heard variations on the theme for a while--Denver isn't the biggest city and my recent career has been split between working for a newspaper and working in a bar--but never really considered that whatever he was doing was endangering his health, because, as everyone knows, diabetics who drink a *lot* are asking for some serious complications. Like the death.

But then came the big Cassel-for-Cutler kerfuffle. Made me think that, huh, perhaps there is some more to this situation than "he's a better fit for my system." I posted my suspicions here at the House; as far as I know, we were the only site to mention anything even close to the idea (except, of course, for Kissing Suzy Kolber, which posted the above photo last year to no great uproar.)

But now, open the floodgates:

As for why McDaniels was so hard pressed to roll Cutler out on the next Rocky Mountain train to “Anywhere but Here-land” my source (with primary knowledge of these conversations) said there were consistent themes in the coach’s concerns about Cutler.

(Again this was relayed to my ears, from their ears. The following is what was heard by my source in these trade whispers, not what FOX31 cites as definite facts about Cutler.)

Two things that kept coming up were concerns about Cutler's alcohol consumption (given his diabetes) and "that's he not that (football) sharp."

"That scared the crap out of McDaniels,” the source told me.

That post, by the way, was put up earlier in the week, taken down and edited to add the word "diabetes."

As for the rest of that blog post--which Fox takes pains to mention isn't theirs, even though I sincerely doubt that Camp Cutler could successfully sue for defamation--I'm not too fond of reporters explaining how they almost got a scoop, much less using "lol," but I imagine that this source, whoever they are, is right on the money.

Now, Jay could probably have kept a-swilling away with no one caring for the rest of his career. Especially the lushes on this site. But now that this whole thing has blown on up, we're duty-bound to discuss it, especially if it means we end up starting effin' Chris Simms next season. Watch your liver, Cutler.

But even the facts of Jay's potential health issues are unimportant in the light of this: the House of Georges, calling it before it happens, bitches. We're plugged in like Wii.


Dylan said...

This scandal could be the best and worse things for the HOG.
It could drum up viewership and make the "pewter triangle" a few more gazillion could cut the knees out of a once proud city.
This modern-day knee sweeping is taking place precisely at the towns' weak's decades old, unfilled chasm of QB idolatry.
Young Jay-jams off the field activities will slowly and mysteriously come into public light. Most may wonder why or how? Coach Doogie will smile alot. His boss will continue to remain behind the curtain. Their sponsors and alocytes will continue to boast of the pristine pedigree that they bring from out east. "Nothing too see here but this asshole kid.." This is precisely how people get their asshole friends hired. Bush league.

What's my angle on the whole deal?
Other than the obvious scorn heaped on the anti-Chiefs, we got two snake-oil salesman here in KC setting up shop. Since their evil twins out west are making all the noise, it will be a while till they bang the drums.
My point(my apologies for the lengthy voyage towards it) is simple. If Modern-day football has been reinvented and perfected in New England, why is it being shopped/shipped to the AFC West?
At what point is the system/talent supply diminishing itself? And most importantly.. why should I buy into any of it?

Dylan said...

Yes, and before I forget....
This Drinking--> Diabetes---> Lack of knowledge .. effin Bullshit.

Straight ass McCarthyism.

Pat Bowlen..Dick Nixon called..he wants you to run his next campaign.

Cecil said...


Dude, if you're Pat Bowlen, and paying a kid millions of dollars a year, and he's a diabetic headcase and everyone knows it, and you know for a fact that he's crushing the Nashville/Denver nightlife, would you not be more than slightly concerned that he might die? Or at least render himself severely impaired? And that your multi-million dollar investment would disappear as if Madoffed?

This isn't a value judgment--Bowlen is famous for his big-ass wine cellar, for Christ's sake. Elway liked to party as much as Tommy Kramer.