Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well, There's That Other Shoe, Finally

9news is reporting, right now, that the Broncos have decided to trade Jay Cutler--supposedly because neither Coach Doog or Bowlen has been able to get ahold of him over the last 10 days.

I'll have more--a whole lot more--to say about this later. Right now, two things spring to mind:

1. Why would they come out and say it? Aren't they killing any leverage they might have? I guess if Cutler says he simply doesn't want to play for them--which is info that will quickly leak out around the league--then they don't have much choice, but still. Now, the only threat they can hold over him is that of inactivity. Sit it down for the year, kiddo. Would he even do that?

2. Jay Cutler has, officially, proved every rumor I've recently proferred concerning his motives. His feelings weren't fucking hurt. He wanted out, and found an avenue to get his way.

Here's hoping we get the Lions second 1st rounder (#20) and first second rounder (#33). He'll have fun playing behind that line, especially considering how long he likes to hold the ball.

Be careful what you wish for, Jay-Jay.

Image from drunkathlete.com