Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tradition Tuesday Wednesday Addendum: Sharpe-Gonzo Hijinks

Banky's post from yesterday inspired me to rehash this Broncos-Chiefs rivalry thing. First of all, how come the Broncos can't simply bust out the old orange duds once a year? Be it for a Raiders game, Chiefs game, doesn't matter. We've had to watch this team wear the stupid orange alternate jersey, the stupid dead-horse helmet and now the stupid maroon getup Coach Doogie modeled yesterday.

I'll admit, I'm a nostalgic romantic traditionalist. I grew up with those uniforms, and I don't see a God damned thing wrong with bringing them back once in a while.

But moving beyond fashion, I've discovered some delicious sound bites from a bitter Shannon Sharpe. Shannon was snubbed by the Hall of Fame back in February, which is of course preposterous. I assume he'll get in one day, but in the meantime he's adopting that old surefire coping strategy: reminding everyone that Tony Gonzalez sucks. Catfight details after the jump...

First, Shannon told the Baltimore Sun (reprinted here in the LA Times) that even though Tony G has broken some of his records the Chief is nothing but a pretender:

"But I never played on a 2-14 team two years in a row," Sharpe said. "He's all they had. I only lost five playoff games. He's lost three already."
That was before the vote. Since the travesty in Canton transpired, Shannon is still gunning for his old Tradition sparring partner. Jim Armstrong noted on Friday that:
Shannon Sharpe tells Page 2 he's OK with not being a first-ballot Hall of Famer, an honor never accorded a tight end. The litmus tests comes when K.C.'s Tony Gonzalez is eligible. Says Sharpie: "I want to see the tight end who gets in on the first ballot. I hope I'm alive to see it. If it's just numbers, Tony's got the numbers. But he's never played in the Super Bowl. Every big game he's played in, he lost all of them." . . .
You go girl!

In response to this devastating critique, Tony Gonzalez demanded a trade to a team that could get him to the playoffs. That way, he could break the last record Sharpe still holds: those five postseason losses.