Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Teh Internets Strike Back

Just thought I'd share this lil' spasm of joy, courtesy of a die-hard Chefs fan (via ESPN.com's messageboards and poster martinbonewitz, whoever that genius bastard is).

well start from i love the chiefs to death but i think matt cassel is doom becuase he's not goin to do anything with are front line so shtty and we did nothing to fix it this offseason and the only good olineman we hav left he wants out so i can see why LG AND TG AND BW wants out we bring in old player's why not bring in harrison not bobby and torry holt is out there ah haley get a real WR harrison or holt and man get some olineman man we are goin to take a good QB and make him look shty i hate to say it but my team is starting to look like the browns the browns do the same thing bring in old player's think their goin to help never do i just dont get it but to tell the truth am not looking forward to this year maybe we will be good in 2010 but haley draft curry he will be gd next to DJ WE NEED HIM BAD..

Oh, so Cassel is doom. But...what about Tony Gonzalez?

well i dont see TG playing for us next year it would be great dont get me wrong i would hate to see him in a other uniform but he gave us all he hade and hunt u owe him big he could of left a long time ago and i want to see TG win a champion ship i dont know about all the chief fans but he deserves to have a ring and hes not getting it in kansas city only way he will if he play's another 5yrs maybe well be up their to win one but man let TG go so he can sign wit the pats arizona colts or sht the steelers i hate to see the BEST TIGHT END TO EVER PLAY THE GAME NOT HAV A RING WHEN HE FINALLY LEAVE'S THE GAME

That is all.


Dylan said...

That pictured guy is a Denver man. He probably has many pairs of John Elway underwear. He also reads the Denver Post, until they publish the photo and story of his awkward plan to shoot the prez-to-be. Then he stops reading it, cuz he can't in Denver Jail. When he's in Denver jail,he thinks: "this is a wonderful facility" and "I am happy to be incarcerated by the greatest munincipality in the nation!"
His grammar and internet posts are flawless.

old no. 7 said...

That actually looks a lot like William Ligue Jr. That dude still has quite a bit of anger left for KC.