Monday, March 16, 2009

Shameless Blog Thievery, Bus Cook's Secret Plan and More, Much More

I've been a bit of a One-Note Johnny recently, I realize. But this Jay Cutler thing, my goodness, it makes my head spin.

I've suggested in several posts that Cutler's agent, a man named Bus Cook from the former Confederacy, is the "voice" behind a lot of recent news stories. I've even made mention of his history, specifically his history with high-maintenance drama llama Brett Favre. But I haven't lowered the boom on him like the kids over at Mile High Report have.

I mean, hoo-wow. That's a lot of planning for one post about one agent. Reading it made me kind of regret my recent indulgence in conspiracy theories, because come on now. How the heck could one dude, a man who likely owns a closet full of golf shirts and maintains antiquated but charming ideas about when and where to tip his cap, be responsible--even indirectly, even by extension--for so much contractual brawling?

Yet, still. Everyone's story is at odds, here, but I like this take, courtesy of some random blog focused on the New York Jets:

Peter King wrote this morning on and then spoke to Dan Patrick and shed some light (audio) on the subject, noting that “Jay Cutler has wanted to be traded since Shanahan [OC] Jeremy Bates … left town … [Cutler has] wanted a fresh start … and it’s going to be hard for [Josh McDaniels] to build a franchise with a quarterback who is gonna mope, so my guess is that once the Broncos wring their hands a little bit they’re going to take the best offer for Jay Cutler.”

Patrick then notes that there were rumors that as soon as Bates took the job at USC, that Cutler demanded a trade (allegedly) at that point. So who really started this staredown?

I'd read that sweaty latte gulper's column this a.m., but had not heard him on the radio because I was busy standing behind a guy who was standing behind a podium. If he's confident in his source that Cutler asked for a trade early, then this whole mess starts getting a lot less complicated.


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