Friday, March 6, 2009

Mongering Rumors. It's Just What We Do.

On the face of it, this sounds too ridiculous to be true. Considering the source, it likely is.

But we're contractually obligated--no, really, we signed a contract--to mention anything this potentially HoG-shaking.

My gut feeling is that if Mayor Funkhouser somehow finds himself even tangentially responsible for the Chefs fleeing, they'll still be finding pieces of him on the banks of the Missouri in 2047.


bankmeister said...

I imagine, in the unpossible event that such a travesty occurred, that this would do wonders for his already-terrible reputation as a douche, a dweezil, and a knob.

old no. 7 said...

I say we invite the Mayors to The Tradition next year an force them to square off in contests of might--cornhole, whisky-drinkin, beer pong. It would be a Funkenloopin', Hickhousin' hootenanny of a good time.

Also, the Hunt family is too classy to move. Say it again. They'll threaten to move to get you to give them a few hundred mil, but that doesn't change their sterling level of classiness.

bankmeister said...

But of course. They've so clearly threatened to move on so many occasions.

Cecil said...

At least our poor Canadian can be honest about it.

Build me a stadium or I'll move to Los Angeles, he said, and we all went bobblehead. It was bullshit, I hated it, but I voted for it anyway because, well, because.

The Hunts are just being disingenous. Like about how they helped kill JFK.

bankmeister said...

Indeed. Hope those bowling shoes are comfy, since you appear destined for an eternity within them; I keep settin' 'em up and you just keep knockin' 'em down.