Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to Us

Zoinks, Scoob. I almost forgot: It's our birthday. We won't get into some of the elaborate recollections like last year. Instead, we'll just touch on a few highlights that've occurred in our two-year existence. And if you don't know where that's gonna happen, well, I really just can't help you.

Obviously, our first post happened two years ago today. Don't bother clicking; it's pretty bad. It has, on occasion, been downhill from there. There've certainly been setbacks, though. Like when Old No. 7 blazed the HoG path of racism, or when he dropped the atomic here's-what-this-blog-was-originally-gonna-be-about bomb. There was the trio of moments in which Seven and I thought Cecil had officially lost it.

And from there, we kind've pretended to get semi-serious about delivering quality inside this here House of Georges. Seven went way, way yard with the first ever Tradition Tuesday. I attempted to hit clean-up with the first installment of We Are Hot Chicks Wednesday, and Cecil kept the mashing going with his first NFL Draft sequence.

Frankly, once we'd lumped that mound of coal onto the fire, the smoke just kept churnin'; we almost turned into regular-feature machines. There's "Baseball in the Daytime," "Sleeping with the Enemy," the good ol' "ThumbTubes & YouNails," and my personal favorite: the thus-short-lived, but currently fixin'-to-stage-a-comeback "Friday Fiction Fix."

Sometimes, friends, a cliche will say exactly what you want to communicate. It's a tool that lazy, untalented writers like myself must pull from the shed every now and again, and I use one here to say that that list of links and highlights is but a mere scratch on one lone pane of a House of Georges window. The posts listed within those links should be more reading material than most any person should really ever spend on this site, but in the event that it's not, there's always the (now with two full years of material!) archives that are conveniently listed in chronological order near the bottom of our home page.

With that, we'll leave you with some song. I for one have enjoyed the Iron Triangle's construction of this here House, and look forward to the many added wings in the months and years to come. Happy Birthday to us.