Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Feeling the Draft '09: What They Are Saying

The previous few days' brouhaha over Mr. Tennessee Hairy almost distracted me from my current bloggin' priority.

Thankfully for you both, said near-distraction never got very far past "almost." It's still draft time, I'm still mooning over 20 year-old dudes from state colleges and you're still here to eagerly lap up whatever blog-milk I spill, lappers, you.

Past the leap, we'll offer an array of links and opinions related to the upcoming 2009 NFL Player Draft. So ease up on that inhaler, Percy, and follow along...

The fantastically-moustached Pat Kirwan posted his latest mock draft. I love mock drafts, because even the quoteunquote experts get them nearly entirely wrong, always. Mock Drafts are the Great Leveler--alongside the global economy, the internet, death, taxes, lower back pain and picking your schnoz at a stoplight.

Seriously, next time you're at a stoplight, look at the car next to you. Dude will be picking his nose. It's a guarantee.

My favorite Canadian draft site--these guys are like the NFL draft analyst version of The Onion's 'Outside Scoop with Jackie Harvey'--lists their top 100 players.

Pro Football Weekly says that the man almost everyone has the Chefs picking at #3 is the best investment in the draft.

NFL Draft analyzing guy Rob Rang picks his NFL Ecksteins. While most of his choices seem like they were suggested by Bill Plaschke over a big meal of Spam, Sno-Cap lard and Eskimo Pies, I do love me some Rashad Jennings. Pay attention plz, Coach Doog.

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