Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits: Let Me Shake Your Hand

ESPN is reporting that the Kansas City Chiefs have agreed on terms with Scott Pioli to run the football club's operations. More to come this afternoon.

(props to the ever scoop-tastic Arrowhead Pride)


Dylan said...

The Chiefs and Donk's have now both feasted on the carcass of a decaying NFL franchise.
This should be interesting.
Especially in Kansas City, where mediocrity is like the oxygen: thick and everywhere.
If we weren't so busy being mediocre, we would have got Lane Kiffin... I mean Mcdaniel(s) as our coach.

old no. 7 said...


The Pats won more games than the Chiefs and Broncos combined. They were the first team since the 85 Broncos to win 11 games and miss the playoffs. This without a player who's arguably the best QB in the game.

They have the top coach in football. Sure, they're losing their OC and their GM, but if you think the window for the Patriots has closed you're insane.

The Lone Reader said...
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