Friday, January 30, 2009

Historically Speaking: 1-30-09

I have no idea what this picture has to do with today's history lesson, but hey -- boobs. Right? Anyway, it's a pretty dreary day thumbing through the old annals, but if the almighty one gives you lemons...

* One hundred years ago today, work began on the first board-track automobile speedway in Playa del Rey -- or as we might say in English, "Beach of the God" -- California.

* In 1994, the Buffalo Bills, may God have mercy on their fan base, lost their fourth consecutive Super Bowl. This 30-13 loss was their second in a row to the Dallas Cowboys, also known as the club that will be the next to cut checks to one Michael Edward Shanahan.

* On this same day, Steffi Graf defeated Arantxa Sanchez Vicario in the women's Australian Open. It was Graf's second consecutive Australian Open championship appearance; she lost in '93 to Monica Seles.

* Six years later, the New York Mets announced that Garth Brooks would train with the baseball team. Brooks was ultimately cut; his roster spot was instead awarded to Chris Gaines.

* In other baseball news, based on an interview published by Sports Illustrated magazine, Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker was suspended by Major League Baseball for allegedly saying not-nice things about minorities, foreigners, and homosexuals.

And your Sports Illustrated quote of the day comes from the mouth of Pete Rose.

In 1981, after a plane with a sign in-tow that read "Luv, Christy," circled Philadelphia's Veterans Stadium, Rose, alleging that the words were intended for him, said, "I'm hard to reach on the phone."


Cecil said...

God, that photo. Pete Rose's flabby labonza makes me feel mildly seasick.