Thursday, November 6, 2008

Victory Dancin'

Well then. For about three quarters, I was pretty sure we were going to end the night at 4-5. And then the magic--a specific potion of Cleveland ineptitude, Eddie Royal and Santorum--happened.

I won't bother anyone with a rundown of the hows and whats. I'll just write the following statistics:

Jay Cutler's first 3 quarters: 243 yards, 1 interception.

Jay Cutler's final quarter, when he was down to his 5th string running option and forced to throw on every single play: 204 yards, 3 touchdowns, and only his second sack of the year.

Think about that shit for a second. On the road, down by 13, with virtually no running option, since Torain got hurt--he was healthy for what, like 8 minutes?--and we were down to using our fullback as a tailback, Jay Cutler grew a pair. On national television. And was barely touched when the defense knew he was going to the air constantly. How different is this offense with Scheffler? With the two young tackles? Clady needs a look for the Pro Bowl based on his play thus far. He's erased everyone that he's gone against.

To those who suggested that the Chefs stood a chance in the Mile High rematch, I say bring it on like Donkey Kong. The year's Broncos may not win 8 games but they'll score some points in the process.