Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Just when the Broncos seem to show a little life, and a little heart, with a come-from-behind road victory in Cleveland...the wheels come off the train.

Take a look.

No, not at the many, many chins of Bill Williamson. Check out the news he reports. Desperate for any help at RB following injuries to, well, everyone, they signed an old hand. When I saw the ESPN headline "Broncos agree to contract terms with RB Bell" I thought, wow, Mike Bell, huh? Where's he been? Then I saw it was not Mike, but--I can't even say the name.

Who needs running backs in this offense? We can't run the ball anyway, and no one buys the play action or the boot anymore. The most effective, highest-percentage running plays are a quick slant to Brandon Marshall and a bubble screen with Eddie Royal. What's wrong with giving Peyton Hillis 60 snaps a game? The kid's tough, and he can catch the ball.

So now--sigh--we've got this suitcase-stealing shitbag back on the club. So much for the complete break from the near past. Oh, and Happy Veteran's Day! Go hug a one-legged drunk.