Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Morning Fracas: 11-21-08

On Wednesday, Jason Whitlock of The Kansas City Star wasted column space defending what he'd written about Tyler Thigpen being the Chiefs' backup quarterback of the future in another recent column. Yesterday, it was Adam Teicher's job to report that Derrick Johnson is healthy, likely to start at outside linebacker on Sunday at Arrowhead versus the Bills. Today, it was Kent Babb's, or Sea Pappy's turn to include a token Chiefs article, the topic of his the helmet-installed, defensive-player earpieces that Defensive Coordinator Gunther Cunningham and secondary coach David Gibbs use during practice and games, respectively. Each piece in the paper is good in its own regard. What's not, though, is that these are the things we're talking about: 1) backup QBs and why, 2) linebackers and the good ones the Chiefs have cut, and 3) technology and the profanity sometimes conveyed by it. These, in lieu of eye-widening stats, primetime game broadcasts, and winning are what our writers are writing, and we are reading.

I'm not so certain that readership is interested in those stories, and I don't say that to harp on Star Sports Editor Holly Lawton, or the writers themselves. No. This is where I return to my anti-Herm stance. In press conferences this week, Herm Edwards has given the public his stance regarding November-and-beyond on-the-field performances with this -- and I paraphrase -- uttering: At this point in the season, it's on the players to get the job done; there's not much more we as coaches can do.

Awesome. Really, that's great stuff, Herm. I've actually heard this sentiment from him before, like roughly around late November way back in 2007, when the Chiefs were in the middle of a 9-game slide. It's all on the players, though. Got it. Well, what about in the beginning of the season? You know, that three-game skid and the five-game streak that flanked your team's one win in the last 13 months? That all on the players, too? You know, I've stood up for Chiefs GM Carl Peterson, and expressed why I think he won't be fired, which is not the same as suggesting that he should or shouldn't be retained. And I've spent plenty of time taking digs at Edwards for what I can only call ineptitude. At this point, all I want is some accountability. Can (or will) anybody in this organization take responsibility for the non-awesome that is this team?

In the other wing of this House, it's BroncoMania. Sort of. I mean, at least Denver fans have some positives to look at, like the prospect of having their number-one pick garner some Pro Bowl consideration, or the fact that the roll they're on right now could cause the club to be fearful of overlooking an inferior opponent. Must be nice.

In non-Chiefs/Broncos news, though Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig has announced a rule change that will prevent something that has never happened in MLB history. Nice work, Bud.

As for last night's NFL game, With Leather points out that Cincinnati's T.J. "Houshmandzadeh took over #1 wide receiver duties by catching four passes for 20 yards. Thank you very little, asshole." I assume the author started Housh' in his fantasy league, and I'll add to that with this. Dear Pittsburgh Steelers Football Club: Please fuck off and die. No really. Fuck off. And die. Not only did your mistakenly called non-touchdown lose me the game last week, but your coveted defense and ace tailback Willie Parker netted me 20 points in a game that, you know, I'm facing a division rival WITH WHOM I'M TIED. For Christ's sake, Willie, fill your Gatorade bottle with oxycodone and get the fuck back on the field. It's snowing. You're at home. Carry the ball for more than, let's say, 37 yards. And hey, while you're at it, pay the ol' end zone a visit, would ya'? To every fantasy owner that ever said having the 12th of 12 picks in a snake-formatted draft, I invite you over for a dip in my salmonella jacuzzi. It's lovely this time of year.

Like the NBA? Have a look at some of its handsomest fellas.

(courtesy of Blaze of Love, via the Big Lead)

Alright, back to Broncos-related biz. The Smoking Section links to Black Voices, who has a story on former Denver running back Travis Henry. We all know Henry's stories by now, but given everything that has happened to him, it either is or isn't a surprise to you that he "thinks his child support is too high." Denver Louis, the author of the piece wonders if Henry might "think twice before he pops out number 10." For some reason, I kinda doubt it.

Three Idiots on Sports connects to a report of a hookah-smoking lounge that, uh, didn't have its fire extinguishers mounted accessibly enough.

And finally, Joe Sports Fan runs a feature called Top 7. Today's installment is called "Worst Athlete Bodies." Pretty funny stuff.

Drop by the House later on. We'll be bringing some Friday fiction, and maybe even some "Sleeping with the Enemy." Or, we might just start knocking back some of these:

Ya' never know.