Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our AFC West, Vol. 3

While ESPNNews is showing all of Brady Quinn's Saturday 4th quarter highlights--and truly they are masterful, his heroic showing a performance for the ages--let's reflect on what we've learned so far about the competition in our lil' wild western division.

We've discovered that Herm Edwards really does a have a lick of sense.

We've discovered that the Broncos might not live up to one man's pre-pre-season prediction. Which would be a surprise to all of us, I realize.

We've discovered that the Raiders might all of a sudden not suck.

We haven't really discovered anything about the Chargers, but I have a really hard time picking anyone else to win the West. Norv will kill it for them at some point. Just not in the regular season.

Finally, you have, upon reading this, discovered that your preferred (predominantly) orange-and-blue apologist is undergoing something of a crisis of faith.

It's only the preseason, yes, and I have a hard time imagining they'll look this generally inept when the games start to matter. I just can't ignore some troubling trends continuing from season last.

Tackling, for instance. Getting other teams off the field on third down (a huge one). Converting our own thirds. Getting pressure on the QB. The fact that our starting quarterback is a virtual rookie who's destined to struggle.

Add to that a schedule everyone seems to think is easy but isn't--we play like this, we'll start the year 1-5, having to go against big-time defenses in Oakland, San Diego and Jacksonville, our nemesis Indy and a mysterious Buffalo team that could be excellent on offense--and we have the makings of precipitation, friends.

Maybe it's just me. Maybe it's a kind of unconscious fear of the law o' averages, as in, sooner or later this squad is simply going to have to face a 5-11, 6-10 season. They've only had two(!) losing seasons since 1993. At some point, the pendulum swings the other direction. Christ, I hope that's all it is.

Beat Buffalo and maybe I can avoid stuffing my head in the oven. For a week, at least.


bankmeister said...

The main thing to consider is that there is always consistency. In your case, it comes in the form of making resoundingly stupid comments regarding Chiefs quarterbacking. I, for one, love it, and only wish for it to continue, as every Chiefs QB heckle you exude only slaps you in the face.

I know that my prediction was lofty and calls for serious amending. I will, however, stick with my post-game, pre-mini-football-toss-around prediction that last year's 9-6 OT loss was jinxed by Cecil's resounding overzealousness. It was the hump, the acme if you will, and the Chiefs, with a Huard brother under center, emerge from AmVesCap victorious this year. MotherEffin' count it.

Cecil said...

Um, what was my stupid take on the Chefs' QB situation? I said that Herm demonstrated he's got a piece of sense, i.e. made the decision to start Huard over the no. 2 pencil known as B-Croy. Or Croy-Boy, depending.

But even with my squad's shaky pre-season (and not as shaky as some I could mention, but won't, because I already did), I'm not prepared to say that KC is gonna waltz in here and get a victory.

bankmeister said...

It started back at THE Fort Lewis College, where you'd poke fun at whoever was starting for us (and usually for good reason), but continued with your pre-Tradition game mockery last year, of which I've already reminded you: "Let me just say that again. A Huard brother will be the starting quarterback at InVesCo Field." That almost got you into trouble. Then, you continued it as recent as a week ago (or so) when you were piping out lines like "Yeah, but Brodie Croyle will be your starting quarterback," which didn't pan out.

So, go ahead. I'm all for you claiming that the Chiefs won't waltz in there and get a win. You're battin' 1.000 in this game. Suh-wing, batta, batta.

Cecil said...

It's still for good reason.

Huard is going down like a choirboy on ecstasy.

bankmeister said...

maybe. but he'll be takin' cutler with him.