Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Baseball In The Daytime: 8-28-07

I don't know exactly why my colleague is so obsessed with the Minnesota Twins. Yes, he did predict not once but twice that they'd win the AL Central, but I make shitty picks all the time and I'm able to let them go. I suppose that many years as a Kansas City Royals booster will affect your baseball judgement. Or perhaps he's just a closeted fan of the Twins.

Regardless, Minnesota lost to the Indians last night in a game they really needed. They're currently 6 1/2 back of the Tribe in the Central. To put this in perspective, that's the same deficit the Reds face in their division. The fucking Reds. Likewise, they're 7 out of the wild card, only one game better than the Blue Jays. Listen, the Blue Jays and the Reds are not making the playoffs under any circumstances, and the Twins aren't either. We need to let it go.

After the jump, a day game...

For reasons I'm not willing to research, the Pittsburgh Pirates occasionally schedule weekday contests for 5:05 local time, 3:05 Mountain. It seems like this would cause nothing but problems, as PNC Park is right downtown and traffic is probably a bitch at that time. But I've never really met anyone from the 'Burgh who was very smart, so it probably makes perfect sense to someone.

Anyway, today the Reds have floated up the Ohio River to The Confluence to continue their remarkable turnaround (but remember, it's meaningless). Elizar Ramirez starts for the Redlegs, while Tom Gorzelanny gets the nod from the Bucs. Catch all the fun on XM 189 and DTV 734.

And later this afternoon, after I get a few beers in me, expect a rundown of tonight's big games: Yankees/Red Sox and Brewers/Cubs. Cheers!