Thursday, March 12, 2009

Historically Speaking: 3-12-09

Good to be back in town, but staying on track with the theme of the week: brief. My liver's got a hankerin' for some beer that was canned/bottled in this decade, so I'm off in search of 'em. Some history for that ass, after the jizzy...

* Today in 1913, the Major League Baseball's American League gave the thumbs-up to the change of New York's baseball team name from the Highlanders to the Yankees.

* In 1951, the commissioner of MLB lost a dispute regarding whether or not he would stay in office. I'm guessing he, Happy Chandler, wasn't too happy about the decision.

* In NBA action, Bill Russell had his number six Celtics jersey retired at Boston Garden.

* Larry Bird drained 60 points for the Boston Celtics in a 1985 contest against the Atlanta Hawks. The mark was a club-record for the Celts.

* And in 1992, Milwaukee Buck Moses Malone became the fourth all-time scorer in league history.

Your Sports Illustrated quote of the day came from the mouth of... Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Curt Schilling, who had this to say about his 6'4", 234-pound frame: "This isn't a body. It's a cruel family joke."