Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sleeping With the Enemy: Week One, Chiefs @ Patriots

Greetings one, greetings all. This is the House of Georges, and we're back with another season of football interviews in our "Sleeping With the Enemy" series. Each week, we'll interview a fan of the team pitted against ours, and chat about all things gridiron. As many of you know, my young and raw Kansas City Chiefs kick off the 2008 campaign with a road game in Foxboro, where a team that's won a game or two this decade resides, and occasionally plays football in February. This week's guest hails from the great state of Maine, though he now calls the Tampa area home, and goes by the moniker Volcano Club. He's also my uncle. Chris Rock once said that uncles are the guys that prepare you for life, and added that everybody has all kinds of uncles: your stealin' uncle, your alcoholic uncle, your molester uncle...Well, Uncle Volcano Club has prepared me in the ways of how to be both more of a bad ass than I already was, and a good husband, and I am thankful for both. He's also a big fan of capital letters and exclamation points, but enough cheesy bullshit, it's time to talk pigskin.

Bankmeister: Alright. As you and I both know, week one of the 2008 NFL season kicks off with our two favorite teams going head to head. Your team, the New England Patriots, has received more publicity than my team -- the Chiefs -- in the past six or seven years than one could possibly imagine. There're a billion reasons why: the championships, the near-championships, the new stadium, the "dreamboat" quarterback, Randy Moss, etc. But we can't very well dig into this thing until I ask you your opinion, as a Pats fan, on the whole Spygate (Editor's Note: Yes, I'm linking to Wikipedia) scandal. What did you make of it all? Is it over, or will we hear a ton more about it each week in 2008?

Volcanoclub: Well, here's the deal. Being a football fan like yourself, you know as well as I do that every team in the NFL tries to steal the other teams’ signals. We just got caught; end of story. I'm getting so tired of all this BS about Spygate. If this had been any other team in the league, it would be over already. Just because we have had a great six or seven years on top, everyone hates us. So be it. People seem to forget how bad we were in the 70s and 80s -- WE SUCKED! So every minute we have in the Lime light, we’re lovin’ it. As far as myself and all the other Pats fans are concerned, the team included , we have some unfinished business to take care of this year, regardless of Spygate or not. Bring ‘em on!

B: Point taken. And it is a good one; I'm sure if it had been a team of lesser stature, the thing would be long over with. That said, I trust that your unfinished business means another go at a perfect season. Yes? What, if anything, did it mean to you to have the Pats lose to the Giants, thus eradicating that business? Did it matter what team it was? Did it matter that it was Eli, that he was arguably still unproven?

VC: As far as the unfinished business goes, I simply mean another Super Bowl Championship. We've all ready got the 16 - 0. Anyways in my opinion I don't expect to go undefeated this season, but there’s no reason we should not go 14-2. It doesn't matter what team we lost to, WE LOST PERIOD! I believe once again we did not want it as bad as the Giants did. Should they have beaten us? No way in hell! I think Eli had a fluke season, he will never be anything like his brother, not to mention the immaculate reception by the Giants or we would have another SB.

B: Interesting. While going undefeated would be awesome, the championship is of course the main thing. I must say, as a fan of a team who's won three, and been to four out of the last eight, that that's pretty darn greedy. I mean sure, us football fans want our teams to win it all every year, and I'm not sure I could envision myself being any different. But that's hard core. Our very own Lone Reader -- the kid from Bangor that went to that Chiefs/Pats game at Arrowhead with us a few years ago -- claims, based on all of the time he spent in the northeast, that a lot of Pats and Red Sox fans are arrogant pricks. Now, I certainly wouldn't lump you into this category, but that hunger for another Lombardi, coupled with a 14-2 prediction -- one that's likely quite accurate -- could be perceived as cocky. Yes? No?

VC: Well look at the facts. I’m not trying to be cocky, but you have a team that went 18-1 last year, and the NFL gives them the third-easiest schedule this year. Plus: the division. Who’s going to stop us (Jets - Brett Favre is going to wish he had taken the $25 million to stay retired; Dolphins - Have nobody now since they got rid of everyone; Buffalo - J.P. Losman…HA!). I mean look at our schedule, I see only two teams that could give us a game: San Diego and Indy Colts. Not to take anything away from Kansas City, but if we lose opening day at home to the Chiefs, they’d better pack up and leave the state, because they will have a posse looking to hang somebody.

B: True, true. So, their Spygate punishment was the loss of a first-round pick in this year's draft, but they still managed to have a first-rounder. With whom did they work that deal, and when was it done? And since you brought it up, it is in fact time to actually talk about week one's game. All of the experts are saying the Chiefs are going to be pretty awful, but a few are saying there're some bright spots with the youth they have in terms of talent and how soon they'll be able to contribute. Have you paid them any mind? How do you see the season shaping up for the Chiefs? And how much success/struggle will Brady have keeping all of his receivers happy? Will it be another Brady-to-Moss season, or will he spread it around to Wes Welker, etc.?

VC: Well, this first round draft pick was a deal they worked out with San Francisco. I believe it was a deal worked out a couple of years ago. You’re right; they were not supposed to get a first-round pick. My thought is they probably CHEATED to get it! As for our big game coming up, I'm looking forward to that and the kick-off of the entire season. The Chiefs have picked-up a lot of good young talent. I feel bad for Larry Johnson this season. I think he's gonna have to carry the workload this year. The linebacker you guys drafted from LSU is gonna be great. I see your biggest problem being at the QB position. I don't have much faith in Brodie. Sorry. I think they should start Huard. Now New England still should have all the pieces in place for another great run. I see Brady having another great year getting the ball to whomever he needs to to get the job done; you know he doesn't make a lot of mistakes. I think Mauroney is going to have an awesome year, because of them picking up Lamont Jordan to help carry the load. Strong defense, KICK-ASS offense. What more could one ask for in his favorite team?

B: Well, then. You seem amped. I'm pretty pumped, too, though mostly just for it to be football season, and not so much for a great run from the Chiefs. I am pretty excited about their youth instead of the tired old patchwork with aged veterans. It'll take them a season or two get dry behind the ears, but I'm all for being patient if they're doing it the right way, and they seem confident that they are, but you never can tell with Herm at the helm. My questions are these: Can Brady make a run at his own TD record from last year? Will Moss be that big? Will the Pats even feel the loss of Donte Stallworth, or will Wes Welker be big again? Two final bits: I'll ask you to please share with our readers your almighty Super Bowl story, how everything came to be with the tickets, the game, the party, etc. And last, but certainly not least, a score prediction for Sunday's contest. Oh, and you've got to explain Volcano Club.

VC: Ok, of course you know that your aunt is still a Chief's fan, but not too excited about the big game, and neither is your mom. She originally stated 78-0 for the Pats to win and called back last week and stated 92-0. I don't think it will be that bad in our, but nevertheless a WIN! Brady will not break his TD record, but will have a great year anyways. Moss will be the go-to guy if we need to score that minute. Welker is going to be huge this year. Hands down he's the best slot receiver in the NFL right now. Tell me who's better coming out of the slot. With the talent we have in the receiver category, we will not miss Stallworth. The Pats are going to be very hungry after that last game last year. I feel bad for the other teams. So all that is left to say is LOOKOUT!

My Super Bowl experience was awesome! I was just graduating from the police academy, and my beautiful wife called me at the academy three days before I graduated, not to mention three days before the SB. She said the her boss had two tickets left for the SB, because some higher-ups had to back out. He knew that I was a Pats fan and asked if I wanted them. Gee, let me think! They were club suite seats, $600.00 face value. No Brainer; I took them. My buddy Kenny that went with me ended up just by luck to have two free ticket vouchers on Southwest Airlines, so off we flew to Houston. Kenny, James, two of my wife's co-workers, and I went there for the weekend, and oh, did I mention her boss also picked up the cost of the hotel rooms at the Hilton and the car rental? One of the guys called in a favor to a guy he knew that worked at the TPC Woodlands Golf Course where the PGA plays the Shell-Houston Open every year.

Well, you know where this is heading. Yes, we played a round on one amazing golf course. The normal fee is $160.00 per round, but it was FREE! Anyways, on to the the big game. Could anybody have asked for a better Super Bowl? WOW! Let me refresh the readers out there of the score again: 32-29 Pats. The second SB of our three in four years. We make it through the game and we think it's done. Oh were we wrong! Your aunt's boss pulls out four tickets that were for a private SB party that Pepsi was having. We get to the party with all this free booze and food, and started mingling with the crowd. I noticed in the middle of the ballroom at the party there was a display set up for the SB. It have two brand new original helmets of each team in the SB, the Pats and the Panthers, which was cool. A couple hours later as the party was winding down, this guy walks up to me with his hands behind his back and says, "Hey, I know you are such a Pats fans that I would like to give you something." He swung his hand from behind back and gave me the original New England helmet that was on display that was from the SB game that night. I almost crapped myself, then I accepted the gift, and from that day it has been in a display case in my game room where it will remain. That reminds me, Volcanoclub is the name of my game room.

B: Awesome. Great story. We're glad to've had you here on the House of Georges. It's been a pleasure, and may the best team not named the Patriots win.