Friday, September 5, 2008

More Friday Homerisms For That Ass

We've already had our anti-Broncos breakfast, so it's time for a little late-afternoon Chiefs snack. I can feel the energy of football season, just from surfing the Web, so forgive me for my geeked-outness, and the words I've selected to convey it. Nevertheless, a look at some of what's going on around the 'sphere, Chiefs-style, just after the jump.

Okay. I must admit: I have been eagerly awaiting the Deadspin season preview of the Kansas City Chiefs. There's no mistaking that I thought the Broncos one was good, and Cecil did not. This afternoon the Chiefs one was finally published, and it's pretty damn awesome. I fully expected it to be from some east coast clown that would vomit up a handful of sticky paragraphs about how terrible their season's going to be. It's way, way better.

In semi-related Chiefs news, Jared Allen likes guns. That came from The Big Lead, and I like most everything they publish. Everything except for this little twinkie, in which they claim that "Zoolander" rocked. I still love you guys, but fuck. You. "Zoolander" fucking blew more ass than that nasaly waft of the guy in the urinal next to you who clearly ate 14 pounds of asparagus for dinner. Fuck "Zoolander," and fuck all of its sheer retardation.

While Brodie Croyle hasn't been diagnosed with diabetes, he certainly appears to have dipped into Jay Cutler's weed stash:

"Of course, you feel pressure and you want to do well," Croyle said. "But there's not much expected of us. So it's like we have nothing to lose and we can go out and feel good about ourselves and try to shock some people. We want to get better and that is our goal, but we know not much is expected of us. I see us being underdogs a lot this season, and that's fine with us."

I think Croyle just had a oney, though. Hall-of-Famer Bobby Bell helped himself to a little twinny-twin twin.

And, in the words of one of my favorite all-time Broncos fans, "I tole y'all: the tight end's the sleeper.":

Really? Lined up on special teams? And blocking a punt? I nev-uh seen Shannin Shawp do dat.

(clip courtesy of Arrowhead Pride)

Finally, Chiefs Gab has taken a look at the Chiefs offense, and the defense.

Aw, yeah. Football.


football said...

Now this is some funny shit. There’s a new site/blog called Football Fashion Fanatics. Ya gotta check this out. Two guys have taken the Uniwatch idea , sharpened the focus to the NFL, planted toungues firmly in cheek and punched the afterburners into a new level of sports absurdity. Fashion Power rankings, panel discussion videos about the most trivial details of NFL uniforms present and past. If you like football, you’re gonna get a laugh out of this :

Cecil said...

Nice ad we've got rollin' on the home page. "Things that bounce"??

What was your prediction for the Chefs this year? I can't recall. But I'd seriously be surprised if they win 5 games.

bankmeister said...

Six and ten.

Cecil said...

That's what I thought. At least no one will accuse you of being a starry-eyed optimist.