Monday, September 1, 2008

Baseball in the Daytime: Labor Day '08 Edition

This is definitely a strange day, as it's the first of the month, a holiday, and a Monday. Naturally, I'll be working, and that's just dandy. Hopefully, about the mid-point of my splendid closing shift tonight, my head will stop pounding, and my eyes will no longer look like somebody swapped my Visine with red food coloring. Somehow, I got roped into helping a friend move in the dark last night, and the gratuity came in the form of Bud Ice and warm Jager. Good times. Nevertheless, September brings us a bit of humidity and a handful of day games on this glorious non-day-off.

Yankees @ Tigers, 12:05 (Central): Sidney Ponson and Justin Verlander kick things off for us this afternoon, and they do so in the form of fabulous underachievment. Ponson and the Yankees have just shy of 13 games to trim away if they're interested in playing ball next month, while Detroit just can't make up its mind as to whether it wants to completely suck or hang around somewheres in the thick of things. Find today's only American League feature on 722 or 723 DirecTV, or XM has it on channel 176.

Braves @ Marlins, 12:10: Mike Hampton brings his left arm and his 2-2 record to the mound in the Sunshine State, while righty Josh Johnson and his 4-0ness start for the home team. This is a highly touted match in the category of games we couldn't give two snorts about, but it matters to the Marlins as seven games separate them and NL East-leading New York. If you're interested, catch it on DirecTV 724 or 725, or listen in on XM 183.

Mets @ Brewers, 1:05: Johan "Carlos" Santana and Ben "Dancin' in the" Sheets are your starters in this gig. They don't throw with the same arm, but they both boast 12-7 records for their clubs. You can view this gem at DirecTV 726 or 727, while XM'll have it on 184.

Phillies @ Nationals, 2:05: Kyle Kendrick and Tim Redding are your starters in this game of too much red. Philadelphia's one game back of the Mets, while Washington sits somewhere in the vicinity of 24. DirecTV has your Nationals feed on channel 730; XM will deliver it on 188.

Giants @ Rockies, 2:05: Same time, different zone for this NL West feature. Jonathan Sanchez and Jorge de la Rosa star as the mediocre Mexican pitchers in this game. Neither club is really out of it at this point. Colorado's six games back of Arizona, while San Fran is 10 behind the leader. It's on 728 and 729 at DirecTV, while XM carries it on 187.

Astros @ Cubs, 3:05: This battle of righties features Roy Oswalt and Jason Marquis. At this point, Chicago has won 85 freakin' games, while Houston has stayed above .500 baseball by an honorable margin, yet finds itself 14 games behind the Cubbies. Tune your DirecTV to 733, or your XM know to 185.

Cardinals @ Diamondbacks, 3:10: Joel Pineiro pitches for the visiting Red Birds today, while the home team will count on the Big Unit to handle his junk. The Cards are 11 games out of first and Arizona maintains its lead over Humberto's Dodgers, but has lost seven of its last 10. DirecTV will have the match on 731 and 732, while XM broadcasts it on 186.

Those are your matinee matches today, folks. Sip on a cold one and listen to your favortite play-by-play guy while enjoying this ridiculous American holiday.