Thursday, August 23, 2007

Our AFC West, Vol. 2

I can't even get the Chiefs game in Denver. Doesn't even matter. My friend Clara, who resides in the totally undestroyed city of New Orleans, called when the score was 13-0 Saints. It hasn't gotten any better since.

Right now, with 3:53 left in the game, the NOLA squad is hanging on by a score of 30-0. The following few plays--admittedly by back, back, way way backups--look something like this:

Olindo Mare kicks off to the NO0. Justin Phinisee return for 43 yards to KC43.
4:51 4th NO -- Olindo Mare extra point is good.
4:58 4th NO 1-10 at KC19 P Thomas rush to the right for 19 yards for a TOUCHDOWN.
5:39 4th NO 2-11 at NO49 P Thomas rush up the middle for 32 yards to the KC19. Tackled by Dimitri Patterson.
6:14 4th NO 1-10 at 50 P Thomas rush to the right for a loss of 1 yard to the NO49. Tackled by Chad Williams
It keeps on going like that. A lot of the scoring came when the scrubs were in. But we can glean a few truths from this here third exhibition game.

First, New Orleans might be fucking awesome this year on the offensive side of the ball. Check out Brees' stat line:
17-19 182 1 0 124.1

That last number being, of course, Bankmeister's favorite tool o' evaluation. Contrast that with young Croyle's line:

Brodie Croyle 5-17 45 0 1 15.1

The caveat being that Brees has a better line, better backs, better receivers and is, at least right now, a better player. But man. KC took the bullet on this one. Is Herm really going to go with Croyle??