Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Firing Up the Short Buses: HBO's "Hard Knocks" Debuts Tonight

The only thing better than working for the shield is watching guys that work for the shield. But before we get to the meat and bones, let's have a look at a really cute slideshow of last year's Kansas City Chiefs season. And by really cute I mean some great photos set to what very well may be the gayest song ever written in the history of music. I apologize in advance for that. It's all there: injured Trent, Thanksgiving, Passion Party, New Year's Eve Miracle, Playoffs (Playoffs?), and it is in fact time to get amped for football. I know no other way to do that beyond stealing other people's broadcasts from the YouTubes and posting links to things generally related to my faint glimmer of an idea. Good times.

Then there's this clip, which has nothing to do with this post either, but it's a good way to kick off some Kansas City Chiefs football.

Finally. The debut of Hard Knocks is upon us. Get your TiVos and your DVRs ready, Chiefs fans. Home Box Office, along with NFL Films debuts its third installment of the Hard Knocks series, this year's feature being, of course, Training Camp With the Kansas City Chiefs. The franchise and its fans are pumped. I imagine it will be a very vanilla (Editor's Note: The use of that word now qualifies me to be a Chiefs head coach) debut, what with Dwayne Bowe just arriving, Priest Holmes arriving late, Larry Johnson not there yet, etc. Either way, we'll get some good angleage on the quarterback competition and Herman's beloved defense. Tune in at nine o'clock central for the good stuff.


Chris said...

I loved the first episode. I think its going to be a great series.

I'm sure every other team's fans were sitting there thinking, "I wish they did this with my team!"

old no. 7 said...

I can't tell if Chris is joking or serious, but that's the exact opposite of what I thought. But I'll have a full reaction later...