Monday, August 20, 2007


Um. In the category of things ultra-freaking-hilarious, the handiwork of ThatGuy_67 over on the Fark network is a mere one of many photoshop experiments of New England's precious quarterback that you must check out here a.s.a.p. Apparently, Mr. Brady is a much better golfer than any of us HoGers because we've never in our collective lives hit a shot that warranted such a Kodak moment.

For real.

I mean we're good. Really good, even. But still eons away from that good.

We've been known to do the occasional fist pump and/or bump. Seldom do we high five. And never do we make dorky-looking solo tango moves, especially in front of a loaded camera. Unlike #12, we're modest about our golf skills; we almost never find reason to boast our handicap or re-count an afternoon on the course. Just not how we roll.

Photo courtesy of
Fark via Kissing Suzy Kolber.


dylanebrown said...

LJ is back. Go ahead and pencil in the Chiefs/Bears superbowl.