Friday, August 3, 2007

The COAT Final Four

The Best Brothers of Springfield are keeping their plates full and their wheels spinning. In addition to running 467 (and growing) Web sites, they're taking in Chiefs training camp practices, recruiting writers, mastering HTML and conducting polls. One poll in particular has been a fan favorite all summer, and it's now down to the wire. Pop over to Arrowhead Addict as the contest for Chief Of All Time has entered the final rounds. It hasn't been easy, either; there've been some neck-and-neck battles and some landslides, too. But, as voted on by fans, Willie Lanier faces Derrick Thomas while Len Dawson battles Tony Gonzalez. Pay them a visit. Check out how the previous rounds have gone. Vote accordingly on the finals, and make sure to read the picks of the expert panelists. Those guys are really smart.


Nathan said...

Tony over Lenny. Please tell me you were drunk, brotha.

Championships count ... period. Tony let the ball slip through his hands when we needed it the most. Lenny threw for TDs.

Once a champ, always a champ.

-- TLR

bankmeister said...

Yeah. We need to celebrate Lenny's accomplishments a little bit more. Come to think of it, the Denver community needs to worship John Elway some more, too. Christ, dude. Tony is a champ. If you don't recognize that, you must be drunk.

Cecil said...

I think you all should remember to show give Dawson the utmost.

Lake Dawson.

bankmeister said...

I try not to show give much of anything.

Ron Dayne.

Cecil said...

Dude, you show give constantly...just like the Chefs' run D.


Nathan said...

Tony IS a champion. What kind of middle-school, self-esteem building crap is that. NFL champions have to win the Superbowl, man.

Tony just hasn't made the big plays in the big games. I love the guy, but I'll never forget that drop vs the Broncos.