Friday, August 31, 2007

Baseball In The Daytime: 8-31-07

This is now five straight days of BITD, which I'm pretty sure is a violation of the collective blogging agreement. I didn't take on this assignment to work every fucking day, that's for sure. Never have I looked forward to a Saturday of not riding the HoG more, because I am exhausted.

But a pennant race is hard work, buddy. It ain't no walk in the park. Just as the players need to find a way to get up for these games in the dog days, your fearless scribe will find a way to grind out previews of said games. And by "find a way" I mean "amphetamines." Mr. Selig's drug testing policy does not apply to the collective blogging agreement, so I'm jacked up on the speed. It may not be readily apparent just from casual reading, but I typed that last paragraph in two seconds.

So anyway, the first of two games on tap today comes at you live from the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, and is of great interest to at least one person. That person is the HoG's Adminstrator, who is both a Royals fan and loyal prognosticator of a Twins division title. Those two teams tangle in a doubleheader today, with the first leg set for 12:10 Mountain on XM 180 and DTV 743.

I assume that the odd double dip at an indoor venue is a necessary rescheduling from the tragic bridge collapse. I'd research that, only I just don't care (about this game, that is--I clearly do care about the bridge). I'm sure the parents and pals of Matt Garza and Kyle Davies care, as those two gents will start this game. The Twins just shit the bed by by letting the Indians sweep dey asses, and their only objective now is to fend off the pesky Royals. Minny has a 7 1/2 game edge over KC for third place.

Ten minutes after the first pitch in Minneapolis, your standard Friday afternoon tilt from the booze-filled baseball palace that is Wrigley commences. Troy Patton starts for the Astros against Chicago's Sean Marshall. Houston's bullshit motivation is to keep Pittsburgh in last, and they have a game and a half lead over the Pirates. On the opposite end of the NL Central, the Cubs hold a 2.5 game lead over the Brewers after dispatching them last night. Tune in on XM 184 and DTV 734. Cheers, and have a great Labor Day weekend!

(Photo courtesy of The Perfect Pantry, which, by the way, has an outstanding collection of pictures of food products, if that gets your rocks off.)