Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Sermon: Today Brodie Rides

Hell, to the fuck yeah, baby. Arrowhead Pride, among others, is reporting that Matt Cassel is inactive to open the 2009 Kansas City Chiefs season at M&T Bank Stadium against the Baltimore Ravens. The folks at the CBS pre-game show are calling this the best decision that Todd Haley has made in his short time in Kansas City. They're calling Croyle the sacrificial lamb.

I frequently stand up for this booth over Fox's, but in this particular situation, I say fuck those clowns. Granted, Croyle is in a terrible situation. He's coming off a season filled with multiple injuries, and this will be his second kickoff-weekend start. He's facing an allegedly still-ferocious Ravens defense, and he no longer has Tony Gonzalez as an option. What's worse, the Kansas City offensive line is nothing shy of Swiss Chiefs.

Brodie has lived, though, to bang another day when many thought he would not be on the Chiefs roster after 2008. Memory fails to recall another NFL player in recent seasons with so many doubters, so few giving him the support that translates to confidence. He hasn't shown much to deserve such support, but he's also played for some really bad teams. I'm still on the Brodie bandwagon, though. I got nothing against Cassel, but I'd love for a nation of many to eat their fat-mouthed words. Go get 'em, kid.


Dylan said...

I'd say the kid done got'em.
I'm sure there's a gentleman in the mountains that would beg to differ.
Also, he's got a purty wife.

Cecil said...

At least you have Michael Silver on your side. Reading his column, you'd think that not only did KC win but they'd feasted on Joe Flacco's lifeless corpse at midfield.

But then, The Silv is a smarmy Berkeley hermaphrodite.

bankmeister said...

/files "lifeless corpse" in the repetitively redundant drawer

Cecil said...

Clearly, you've never watched a zombie movie.

bankmeister said...

That's not true. I once watched "Night of the Living Dead." And, I've seen the "Thriller" video many times.